Staying Fit as a Mom

When you are a mom, it can be a challenge to juggle everything you have to do each day. Not only do you need to look after your children, but you also need to work and catch up on chores and little jobs around the house. All of this means you might not have any time left for yourself, including exercise. However, even with all of the commitments you have, there are still ways that you can squeeze in some activity to help get you fitter and, more importantly, stay fit.

Fit in Five Minutes

During your day, there may often be a free five minutes here and there where you are waiting for something, or you are in between jobs. When these five-minute breaks come along, take the opportunity to do some simple exercises. They don’t have to be much, just some running on the spot, or some jumping jacks will be enough to get your heart rate up and get you a little fitter. You will be surprised how much these five-minute intervals add up each day.

Workout at Home

For those mothers with young children, it can often be hard to get out as much as you want to for exercise. However, there are often times in your day when you can fit in a small workout. When your young child takes a nap, use some of that time to fit in exercise. You can even do it in the front room while watching a fitness video. Another option is to get up a little earlier, put on your exercise leggings, and workout then or try to workout after the kids have gone to bed. Although you might think it will make you more tired, it will eventually give you more energy.

Hit the Gym

Finding the time and opportunity to go to the gym can be one of the most difficult things you can do. Although there may be times when your partner can take care of the kids, this might also be some of the busiest times for the gym. Finding gyms with childcare is the easiest way to hit the gym while not having to worry about your child. There may be many in your area that offers this service, so it is worth shopping around to find one. It will also have the added benefit of exposing your child to other kids and improving their social skills.

Include Your Kids

One way that you can fit in a workout with your kids is to involve them as well. There are many exercise routines that your kids can do as well, and even if they don’t do them right, they will still enjoy copying what you are doing. It can be a great way to spend some time on those rainy days when you can’t go out anywhere. It can also be a good excuse to get out to the park and have some fun running around and playing chase.

It is possible to be a mom and still do your best to stay fit and healthy, so pull on your workout gear and get active!