A 5 Step Guide to Obtaining a Social Security Card

A social security card contains the number assigned to United States citizens by the government. The social security number is fundamental for employment, tax collection, and achieving a smooth retirement process. Retaining this number is essential. Some people do not require printing the number on the card as long as they have mastered it. Employers will ask for the actual card. In case you misplace it, an immediate replacement is advised to avoid any inconvenience at a future date. Replacement is limited depending on how often you misplace it, so it is essential to safeguard the card. If you are looking to acquire it, here is a guide to help you:

1) Know The Vital Requirements

You may be wondering: how long does it take to get a replacement social security card? To hasten the process, it is necessary to understand the basics of reobtaining it, including the documents required. Recognizing the necessities helps you organize all the requirements before the application date. The Social Security Administration is clear about all the requirements. This knowledge will make the process easy to complete.

2) Assemble Documentation

SSA has listed the requirements on their site, depending on whether you are a citizen, immigrant, or student. The conditions may vary slightly. However, the main provisions required are to ascertain your age and citizenship. It is advisable to use your original documents. Social Security Administration also accepts certified copies of the forms by the issuing agency. You will need a birth certificate to prove your age and a passport for citizenship. If you have misplaced your birth certificate, a US hospital birth or religious record of you before the age of 5 years can be used.

3) Online Application

Government bodies have adapted to online operations making it easy for users. Create an SSA account and fill in the required details. Use the documents to ensure you fill in the correct information.

4) Visit A Local SSA Office

Alternatively, you can visit a local SSA office if you are having trouble creating an online account. If your account creation went through, print the online application form and present it to the nearest SSA office or mail it. Before visiting their office, ensure that you have all the required documents from their website to avoid inconveniences.

5) Social Security Card Processing

It will take 10-14 days after you have submitted your documents to get your social security card. You can pick it from the local SSA office, or they can mail it to you. Upon receipt, ensure that all the information on the card is correct especially your legal names. In case of any errors, you can present it to their office for correction. They are likely to advise you to apply for a replacement, but it will not be counted on the limited number of substitutes allowed. The replacement window is ten times in a lifetime and three times a year exceptional to a few cases.