Picking out an appropriate gift for a vegan friend or family member can be a challenge. You’ll want to avoid anything with animal products, including honey or leather, which can significantly limit your choices. If you have no experience with veganism you may be confused about what to get, but there are some great options that will generally work for all vegans.

Here are five excellent vegan gift ideas.

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1. Soy Candles

Luxury candles make an impressive gift, but buying candles for vegans can be tricky. For starters, pass up any beeswax candles — vegans don’t consume or use products made with animals, bees included.

Soy candles are a good alternative, and they’re widely available in all price ranges. Another thing to look out for is the candle’s scent. Some vegans don’t mind artificial fragrance, but to stay on the safe side, pick a candle that’s scented with essential oils and natural fragrances.

2. Fresh Fruit

When you opt to send your favorite vegans this gift idea, pick fruit that will impress. Rather than standard grocery store fare, give a fruit arrangement, premium chocolate covered berries, or a top quality exotic fruit basket. Use discount coupons to save money on this healthy vegan gift.

3. Cruelty free bath products

Gifting bath and body products is a lovely idea, but when the gift recipient is a vegan you must be sure that the present is cruelty and animal free, such as vegan cruelty-free bath bombs. Checking labels is one way to find out, but you can also look at the company’s website to be sure that the products aren’t tested on animals. You’ll score bonus points with your vegan friends by choosing vegan bath products that are certified as being environmentally friendly. Independent bath and body companies are a safer bet than international conglomerates, many of which are known to test products on animals.

4. Kitchen gadgets and cookbooks

If your vegan loved one is into home cooking, quality kitchen gadgets and tools will be more than appreciated. Think sturdy bamboo utensil sets, stainless steel cookware, a nice easy-to-clean slow juicer, or a high tech blender. Cookbooks that focus on vegan cuisine or baking are another gift idea that will be well loved by vegan foodies.

5. Organic linens

Linens make fine gifts for weddings, engagements, housewarmings, and anniversaries — who doesn’t love a crisp new set of bedding or a chic organic cotton tablecloth? If you want to gift linens to a vegan, organic cotton options free of unnatural dyes will work well. Another option is organic bamboo, such as organic bamboo sheets. If you’re not quite sure what size linens your gift recipient needs, a gift certificate to home decor store filled with vegan-friendly options is a great idea.

Buying gifts for vegans will be much less stressful if you remember two things: avoid animal products and ingredients, and aim to buy things that don’t negatively impact the environment. Vegans will appreciate the thought you put into giving a gift that complements their lifestyle and ethics. No matter what the occasion, you can’t go wrong choosing one of the cruelty free gifts on this list.

Vegan Gift Ideas