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I received Studex products in exchange for my honest review.

When my daughter was 6, she got her ears pierced. She had wanted her ears pierced for quite some time, so we scheduled an ear-piercing appointment, and she was so for the big day.  Little did we know we had a long road ahead of us with earring issues.

The first couple of months after the piercing were rough, and my daughter’s ears were very irritated.  We had trouble switching her earrings, it was a struggle just removing her earrings.  Her ears would get infected and ooze all the time.  My daughter was so frustrated, and many tears were shed.  There were times it took up to an hour to get an earring back in right after taking it out, and at times, she wanted to give up and just let the holes close up.

Even a year after her ears being pierced, my daughter still encountered issues.  I was surprised when I spoke with other moms who told me that their girls had issues just like ours, often for years, which was certainly not reassuring.  It has been 2.5 years now, and we still deal with problems.

Needless to say, when I learned about Studex earrings, I was looking forward to trying them out.  Studex has a whole line of ear piercing products, from earrings to caring for piercings. Their earrings are designed for sensitive skin, and to help with caring for your piercings.

I think Studex is a great choice for anyone, whether it is for newly pierced ears or if you have sensitive skin – and even if you don’t have sensitive skin.  I have friends who developed an allergy to certain metals later in life, so it is a good strategy to minimize the risk of irritation when you can.  Plus, my daughter has a food allergy and eczema, so we have always wanted to reduce the risk of possible skin irritation.

These Stainless Cubic Zirconia studs are so classic and beautiful, and just one of many choices from the line of Studex earrings.

Studex Earrings

We have an intense swim season starting up with daily swim practices, and simple studs like this are perfect for an active lifestyle, but also for a girl who likes some bling, too!  These earrings are great quality, and ready to wear out of the packaging, as they are carefully sealed.  They are also good quality, and are nice and sturdy with metal backings.

Studex earrings

There are so many earrings to choose from, with a variety of designs.  They even have a Tiny Tips line of earrings for younger kids.

Studex Tiny Tips

It is also nice to have some Studex After Care and Maintenance Lotion.  I wish we had this product long ago when my daughter first got her ears pierced.  This product is recommend for daily use, and you can use it for cleaning both the piercing and the earrings.  I can’t tell you how many times this would have come in handy, especially when my daughter had to clean up her ears and get her earrings back in, but ended up struggling in the process.

The lotion is great for comfortably putting earrings in (and certainly much better than using spit or water)!

Studex Lotion

Studex is a great way to go for so many reasons, because their products help make your piercings a better experience overall.  I think back to all the times my daughter was crying and wanted to give up and just leave her earrings out, and I wish we had these Studex products.  She loves her earrings and the lotion helps her change her earrings with ease!

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I received Studex products in exchange for my honest review.


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