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This game was provided in exchange for an honest review.

More and more, I am looking for ways to get the kids doing things other than their electronics.  It’s not uncommon for me to hear that they are bored, and that they have nothing to do!  I work while the kids are in school, and I was looking forward for this game to arrive so we would have something to do after school.

Word Rush is recommended for ages 8+, which is perfect – my kids are ages 8 and 11 – but that being said, everyone in our family has fun playing this game!

Word Rush

I was working on a project the first time the kids played this game, and they had no problem figuring it out entirely on their own before I had a chance to join in.

Word Rush Tactic Games

Place nine letter cards on the game board, turn a category card and set the timer in motion! You have to come up with words using one of the letters, but the longer you take, the more time the next player will have! (Tactic.net)

Word Rush Tactic Games

Word Rush has a quick and easy set up.  You place 9 letter cards on the game board, turn over a category card, and start the timer.

Word Rush Categories

The goal is to come up with words that start with those letters in your category.  It is fun trying to scramble to think of words that start with a certain letter.

Tactic Word

There are so many great things about Word Rush.  It sets up quickly, and is easy to learn how to play.  It makes is nice for kids because they can pick up game play quickly and teach their friends or family members in a short amount of time.  The rounds go quickly and the game doesn’t drag on, so you don’t have to worry about the game play going so long that the kids will get bored.

I have just as much fun playing Word Rush with the kids, and I love that the kids are using their minds and thinking about words and being creative.

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This product was provided in exchange for an honest review.