Chewy Timothy Carrot

I received this sample in exchange for my honest opinion as a Chewy Influencer.

Our kid’s two guinea pigs rely on hay in their diet, and we have been using Oxbow food and hay products.  I was interested to see how the guinea pigs would like this, which gives them a more creative way to enjoy their food.  The kids are off at school or activities, and I like the idea of the piggies having something to do during the day.

Give your small pet a fun, interactive toy that will provide healthy fiber and an enriching, mentally-stimulating activity with the Oxbow Timothy Club Carrot Small Animal Treat. Small pets like Guinea Pigs, rabbits and chinchillas need hay to aid in digestion and keep teeth trim. They also need mental stimulation to relieve stress and prevent boredom. Oxbow Timothy Club Carrot Small Animal Treat meets both of these needs. It comes in a fun carrot shape that can be hung in the habitat for your pet to paw and bat. And it’s made of 100 percent timothy hay that is 100 percent edible and free of chemicals, wire and thread. (

I love that this product is all natural, and is completely edible.  I don’t have to worry that Nutmeg or Lavender could get into something they shouldn’t and end up sick.  My kids are all about their guinea pigs and would be devastated if something happened to them or the guinea pigs got sick.

We gave this to our older guinea pig, Nutmeg, who goes through a lot of hay.  She forages on things around her cage and it is nice to have the Timothy Carrot for her to chew on and stay busy.

Timothy Carrot

While we try to give our pets as much attention as possible, they are at home during the day, so it’s nice to have some interactive treats to keep them occupied.

Chewy Timothy Carrot

This is a unique way to give your small pets some timothy hay.  What a great idea!

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