Four Ways to Show Love, Support, and Congratulations When Your Best Friend Has a Baby

Having a baby is a life-altering event, and when it’s your first child it can feel even bigger. If your best friend is about to give birth or has recently given birth to her first child, then obviously you want to be there for her, and show her all the love, support, and congratulations possible. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional baby gifts, as they are usually very appreciated and needed, you may want to take things a step further.

Here are some great ways that you can show your love, support, and congratulations to your best friend and her new bundle of joy.

A Curated Gift Box of Goodies is Extremely Thoughtful

We all know that it’s the norm to give the baby a gift when he/she is born, but it can be a nice touch to get something special for the new mom too. As your best friend, you likely know her extremely well, which means a luxury curated gift box could be perfect. Places such as Bouquet Bar allow you to actually design your gift, meaning you get to pick the gift items that go into your box.  Items they offer include gourmet treats, floral arrangements, and “restorative indulgences” such as lovely scented candles.

Once you’ve designed a customized gift box, it will then be delivered to your friend, making it even more special. Just think what a great surprise that will be for her.

Pamper Your Friend with Luxury Skincare Products

Your friend has just been through a lot, no doubt, between nine months of being pregnant and then delivering her new bundle of joy, so a little pampering is in order. Luxury bath and skincare products are a wonderful item to give. You can look for gift sets or pick up a cute little toiletry bag and fill it with specialty items. You can even pick travel-sized items, as this is a great and fun way to try out new products.

Keep Her Entertained with an E-Reader

Because new moms don’t get much in terms of sleep, it can be hard to stay alert. This is exactly why an e-reader could be the perfect gift. This will help to keep her entertained even through all those late-night feedings with her little one.

Offer Up Your Own Services

One of the biggest issues new moms have is finding enough time to get everything done. Caring for a newborn basically takes all your time and energy, which leaves no time for anything else. Why not offer to come over and tidy up your friend’s house, make some meals you can then put in her freezer, so she can take them out as needed, do a little laundry, and even watch the baby so she can have a nap. Just being there to offer support and a hand can mean the world to your friend.

Each of these ideas will ensure that your best friend feels all the love and support from you as she makes her way through this very special time in her life.