7 Reasons To Plan A Day Out in NYC

New York is a visitor’s paradise. No matter where your interests lie, the city will always find something you can use. Here are a few choices to consider:

  1. Central Park – head to this world famous park and spend some time there. It’s a sprawling 843 acres and is beautifully maintained; from its water fixtures, walking paths, and meadows and grassy expanses. Stroll along the paths – 58 miles of pathway will ensure you can have a peaceful time. Stand on any one of the 36 bridges and arches that dot the park. Gaze up at one of the 20000 or so trees and look at the way this busy city’s people spend time when they slow down – there are concerts in the park, nature walks, baseball games, family picnics and lovely times.
  2. Jewelry Shopping – while you can find pretty much everything that you could possibly desire in New York, we suggest that you take time out to make a trip to the Diamond District on 47th Street. With close to 4000 jewelers displaying magnificent pieces of jewelry, you can find something that’s a perfect way to remember your time in this city. This is a place you shouldn’t miss at all.
  3. Museum Mile – if you’re planning to cram a lot into little, head to this most culturally gifted mile, the best of its kind in the world. From the Guggenheim Museum, where the edifice in itself is a work of art, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, from the American Museum of Natural History to the city’s oldest resident museum, the New York Historical Society, there’s fun and learning for everyone in the family, the elders, teenagers and the kids.
  4. Empire State Building – if you’re in the mood for a killer view, head to Manhattan and make your way to midtown and the Empire State Building. Walking through the lobby is like an instant class in the art deco movement. Get to the top of the building and you can take in the glorious sight of this magnificent city from the open-air observatory. You won’t forget this in a hurry.
  5. Times Square – this space is synonymous with lights, dazzling exhibits and adventure. No matter when you visit Times Square, you’ll be infected by the energy and the excitement you see here. Do immerse yourself in this rather unusual experience.
  6. HOHO bus – A good way to take in the sights is with the Hop-On Hop Off buses. You can choose which route you want to travel on and spend as much or as little as you desire in each place. There’s always another bus coming along to take you to the next spot. You can catch some impressive sights along the way including Brooklyn Bridge. The tours are enlivened by guides and commentary, making them even more effective.
  7. Statue of Liberty – how can you not make a trip to this city without a hello to Lady Liberty? Enjoy a ferry ride to this symbol of liberty and think about all the wonderful things you’ve done on your day out in New York City.