Finding the right gifts for your kids can cause a lot of stress, piling on unnecessary expenses as you look for a way to help you sleep pain-free at night and still make your children happy. Here are a few toys and gifts you can invest in for your kids without taking out a loan, hurting your credit, or breaking the bank.

#1 – Trampoline

If you think your kid might one day compete in the long jump or gymnastics at the Olympics, why not encourage the bounce in their step? Every child loves a great trampoline. Even better, trampolines come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the best fit for your house and your family. Get a small personal trampoline for kids who love to play indoors. If you have a large enough backyard, invest in a larger trampoline with plenty of space for jumping around. Foster the athletic side of your child and watch them have fun doing it!

#2 – VR Goggles

With the rate that our technology continues to advance, it is no surprise that there are virtual reality goggles for kids of all ages. It is a wonder that children are not already creating and hosting their own websites considering that the average toddler today can probably handle an iPad better than most adults. We cannot escape the technology that surrounds us, so instead, encourage your kids to embrace it! There are some children’s VR goggles that are cheap, and the only other thing required is an app on your phone. It is wonderful and compact entertainment for your children and helps them navigate our technological society.

#3 – Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Dream House is a classic gift for young girls – and boys – from even our own childhoods. Barbie has evolved with the times, too, so her current Dream House is wildly updated with technology and colourful additions that are sure to delight any children who loves dolls. While you are looking for the perfect home, give your child the gift of the greatest house ever created.

#4 – Smartwatch

Another common technological item found today is the Smartwatch. Now, maybe do not go out and immediately purchase your child a real, very expensive Apple Smartwatch, companies have created a Smartwatch specifically for children. A small children’s Smartwatch tells time, takes photographs, and contains a calculator and games for your kid. It is a wonderful “beginner’s watch” for the child who loves tech, and perhaps they will even grow to appreciate the value of a good watch as they grow older.

Remote Control Car

#5 – Remote Control Car/Drone

Even adults love racing toy cars around – or, in today’s world, racing drones. With all the advancements and developments of drones, there are many small and affordable ones on the market that would be great for preteens and older children. While the parts might be a bit too risky for toddlers, older children will adore the remote control devices and will be entertained for hours on end.

#6 – EasyBake Oven

Children love sweets. Sometimes it’s fun to bake for them, but most of the time you are too busy with work, cleaning dishes, or other adult responsibilities to satisfy their cravings. So why not let them do it themselves? EasyBake Ovens are great for kids over the recommended age of 8 and come with a starter mix of some kind. Children can make themselves treats like brownies, cookies, and small cakes in their EasyBake Oven, and it is far safer than a real oven. The snacks are not too bad either!

#7 – An Instrument

We talked about fostering the athlete or the cook in your child, but what about the artist? Many toy brands and music companies are releasing small, affordable instruments perfect for children from adolescent to teen. Toys-R-Us sells a blue guitar perfect for older children, and some toy companies have even released small ukuleles and keyboards that would be great for channelling a child’s inner musician. Most of these instruments are affordable and durable, and kids absolutely love them. They will thank you when they record their first album.

#8 – Learning Tablets

LeapFrog has been around for a long time, and other companies have followed with their own learning tablets. These tablets get technological upgrades each year, as with any piece of tech. These tablets are amazing learning tools for young kids, exposing them to the world of technology and teaching them skills like reading comprehension, spelling, math, and more. These tablets are relatively affordable and come with new, downloadable content, making them incredibly versatile.

You don’t need to break the bank to make your kids happy. Only you know what your kids love, and this list is a great place to start!