Impress Mom With Technology On Mother's Day

Mom, mummy, or momma: she goes by many names. Whatever you call her, the title doesn’t hold as much professional clout as doctor or lawyer, nor does it pay as well. The role doesn’t come with any vacation time, sick days, or even paid lunch breaks, yet she’s expected to be at her post 24/7, 365. And maybe you’re all grown up now but that doesn’t mean she can retire anytime soon.

These are just some of the many reasons why being a mom is the toughest job in the world. Mom made a lot of sacrifices when you were growing up to make sure you had everything that you needed and more. Now it’s time to return the favor. In honor of moms all around the world — and those who play the role of a mother — here’s a guide to the hottest gadgets so you can celebrate her like the queen that she is.

A wireless photo printer

Your mom is your biggest fan. She’s always the first to like your Instagram selfie or new Facebook profile pic. But like so much online content, these pics get lost as new ones get posted. Help her preserve these memories of her favorite child by getting her a wireless photo printer.

The HP Envy 4520 is the equivalent of a digital darkroom that lets your mom send pics conveniently from Google Cloud, AirPrint, or HP’s ePrint app. With a few swipes of her fingers, she’ll be able to hold her favorite pics in her hands.

A customized phone decal

If your mom is a creative lady, then she probably takes every opportunity to personalize her looks. She curates her wardrobe with fashionable pieces, eye-catching accessories, and beautiful, yet sensible shoes. Her phone, tablet, or iPad should match.

Whether her style is eclectic, chic, or something entirely different, you’ll be able to find a fitting gadget skin when you shop from a skin provider like dbrand. The creators behind dbrand developed an ultra-precise process that allows them to create decals that fit devices down to the micro-millimeter. They also have an exclusive partnership with the folks from 3M. As a result, their selection of colors and designs is second to none. Their collection includes marble, bamboo, carbon fiber, and stone — just to name a few. And it’s varied enough that you’ll find the perfect look for mom.

An indoor garden

A bouquet of flowers is a classic Mother’s Day present. It’s sure to brighten her day, but eventually, flowers die. Skip the arrangement this year and invest in an indoor garden, so the seeds of your love keep growing all year long.

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden is a compact yet powerful appliance that can digitize your mom’s green thumb. Its hydroponic water bed can support flowers, herbs, and veggies without the need for messy soil. It’s also streamlined the growing process with a digital control panel that tracks their progress and sends alerts whenever they’re in need of more water.

A handbag that charges

If mom’s a busy professional who uses her phone constantly, she’s probably complained about how her phone doesn’t hold a charge. Don’t just suggest she spends her days looking for an available outlet. Help her charge her phone on the go with a charging bag.

Fashion and technology collide in Kate Spade’s sleek line charging bags, Everpurse. Available in a variety of styles and colors, the Everpurse plays double duty. On the outside, it looks like any other purse. Thanks to the multi-purpose charger hidden within the lining of the bag, it’s anything but. The Everpurse charges her devices while she’s on the go, so she never has to worry about running out of juice half-way through her day.

Important belonging trackers

When chaos is a normal feature of your mom’s house, it’s easy to lose track of important household items. Keys, wallets, and other items disappear regularly, seemingly eaten by clutter.

If your mom complains about losing her important belongings, a Tile item tracker will surely win Mother’s Day. They’re small, GPS-enabled devices that — true to their name — are shaped like a tile. They’re small enough that they’re easy to slip into a wallet fold or attach to a keyring. Once she pairs these devices to the Tile app, she can use her smartphone to track these items whenever they go missing.

The bottom line: be creative and generous

Over the years, mom has worked hard to make sure you were happy and healthy. Make sure she knows that you appreciate her love by spoiling her this Mother’s Day. This guide to the year’s hottest tech should put you on the right track. But if you’re still scratching your head, take a tip from this list. Each of these items solves a problem or reflects a hobby. Take the time to brainstorm and tap into what your mom likes, and you’ll find the perfect gift for the occasion.