It’s Time for Your Kids to Get Outside and Scoot!

“Vroom vroom”; two words that kids would constantly mumble when playing, between the ages 4 to 7. Watching us drive a car or ride a bike, tempts kids to get whizzing past as well. Hence, ‘Kids’ Scooters’. Although appearing to be a simple toy that gets kids’ to enjoy a surge in their adrenaline, the benefits that these kids’ scooters offer extend beyond the mere sense of an adrenaline rush. Like what, you may ask? Here’s a list of perks.

The Balancing act

Although steered by a kick, the scooter is directed by balance. When inculcated as a kid, it helps your kid automatically grasp the art of balancing; else as an adult, riding this gets tougher.

Confidence Booster

Once having mastered this art, kids begin to feel confident that they can do something that many can’t. It gives them a sense of fulfillment causing them desire to achieve and master many other skills

Muscle Power  

Reflex training is a great way to help one develop muscles, muscles that are plump for the long run. When children hustle and bustle using a kid’s scooter, their muscles are sure to get more into shape and stronger as well.

Optimistic Vibes

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, just as the quote suggests, the energy involved in riding a scooter keeps a kid mentally and physically active. Being energy or reflex booster, the activity cultivates a sense of perseverance in your child. Your child learns to overcome the disappointment those dawns upon the first couple of times he/she tries it out. This inculcates a sense of optimism that sticks come what may with the child.


Riding on these kick scooters promote gastrointestinal functionality within your children. The activity thereby enhances your child’s appetite, leaving him/her absorb nutrition from foods better.

Impulse Responsive

Children who emulate activities not only get smarter but a lot more impulsive. Their muscles begin to respond to stimuli much faster with time, resulting in a highly responsive brain that’s more sensitive to the cation.

With all the most vital points ticked off the checklist that supports activities that aid in a child’s growth we’re sure it’s tempting enough to get your child one of the aforementioned type of scooter coupled with all the protective gear that’s required. Which one to succumb to, you ask? There are over 6 types of scooters; 3 wheelers, 2 wheelers, Pro, Electric, Off-Road and Caster.

The 3 wheeler scooters are the best ones for your kid to start off with. You don’t want them rejecting an activity out rightly just because it’s tough to begin with. The 3 wheelers with two wheels in the front and one in the rear is sure to offer greater stability. The most ubiquitous brand you ask? Micro Scooter. The best for beginners. While the two-wheeler scooters are best suited for children between age 5 to 8, the Pro scooters are also great for the very same age group who seek to practice stunts. Pro Scooters (Read pro scooter review) are also known as Trick scooters and feature the matchless T-Bar that offers greater stability especially when kids practise their flips. Now, if your child has been scoring well using the Pro Scooters and would like to ride on a different terrain, the Off-Road scooter is the one for them.

If however, you’d like your child to play it safe and not try stunts of sorts, the Electric scooter would ideal for the same. They are heavier but they do not need to be kicked or pushed around, rather steered electrically with not much effort involved at all. You also have the Caster Scooter, perfect for children who fall in the age cap of 4 – 8. These scooters although not permissible for stunts, they require a kid to move their body weight from side to side, kicking away with the wind in their hair.

On the verge of purchasing one for your kid right away? Don’t hold back cause this is a not just a metabolism changer but a self-hustle that keeps one physically pumped up, both mindfully and physically.