Reasons Your Child Should Learn To Play Drums

One of the best things you can do for your child is to help them learn and develop new skills. There is a host of lessons you can teach your child or have them learn as they grow up, one of them being instruments. While you have the piano, guitar, or even the flute, there is one instrument that parents don’t usually sign up for their children: Drums! But you’ll be surprised to know that there are many benefits drumming can do for your children.

So read on as I show you why you should teach your children to play drums!

  • Reduces Stress

Unfortunately, even children get stressed, may it come from stressors from family, academics, or their peers. But that doesn’t mean that their stress should be kept inside them! Through drums, it can relieve those negative thoughts and feelings, as the beating of the drums can boost your child’s mood. It’s almost like getting the runner’s high after a good run!

Studies have shown that drummers can release feel-good endorphins after a good session. It mostly comes from the active performance of music and not really the sound itself.

  • More Confidence

Just like learning new skills, a child will gain more confidence in himself as he continues to excel and develop in a field he loves, namely drumming. It’s a powerful instrument and drummers need to learn how to play dynamically, both soft and loud. It takes a lot of guts to become a drummer and there are a lot of challenges. But through these challenges, you learn more about yourself and overcome them, making a child feel like they can do anything!

  • Develops Motor Skills and Energy

For those who have children with a lot of energy, drumming can help with focus and attention, no matter how distracted they can be. Drummers will need to move quite a lot, as it requires movement from your arms and hands. You’ll even need to push the pedals with your feet to produce different sounds, sometimes fast, sometimes simultaneously. Because of that, it will require control and coordination.

  • Better Mental Attention

Drumming can help improve your child’s mental attention as one will need to maintain its timing and tempo to match other musicians in the group. And when a drummer is doing solo, all the attention must be focused on listening and playing out the beat in time.

There has been research that shows how playing instruments improve mental agility and skillets. It can also improve IQ as it increases the blood flow to one’s brain!

  • Improves One’s Self-Focus

Just like developing new skills and talents, it will take a lot of time and passion to become a good drummer. It also takes the determination to continue learning, as you will never stop knowing the trends in music and drumming moves! With that in mind, your child will put more focus on what he loves and even learn about teamwork, putting all his efforts and hard work not just in drums, but in life as well.

  • Can Help With Academic Performance

You might be surprised to hear this, but yes, when your child learns drums or other musical instruments, they will be able to improve their academic performance because of the concentration and listening skills they put into drumming. Through improving their focus and listening skills, they can utilize it in real life, particularly in their education. Another plus is that they will get to learn and understand musical notes and other aspects of drumming, all of which can also be used in other academic studies.

  • Cultural and Creative Learning Curve

And lastly, drums are a form of art, a way to release your child’s creativity. They won’t only learn about the regular drums you see in bands, but there are many types of drums from different cultures all over the world as well! It can also lead them to create their own music in the future.

Wrapping It Up

Whether it’s a Darbuka drum,  regular drums, or even a Djembe, teaching your child how to play this cool instrument will open his eyes to a whole new world of amazing skills. Not only will he have an awesome talent to show off as he grows older, but it will also help keep him calm and express himself through the beat.

I hope that this article on why you should teach your children to play drums helped you become more knowledgeable on how this particular skill can help your child’s mind and body! So don’t wait any longer and sign your child up for some drumming lessons today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with children playing the drums, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.