My Hannaford Rewards

This post is sponsored by Hannaford Supermarkets.

When we moved to our town about 12 years ago, one of the big deciding factors was having amenities nearby, knowing our busy schedules and that we would be starting a family.  Over a decade later, I am so glad that we have the convenience of a Hannaford just minutes away, because we rely on shopping there all the time.

It is important to us to have a grocery store that we like and can rely on for the things we shop for, which is why we are long-time customers of Hannaford.  Our lives are so busy, it is nice to have a store that we really like!


So you can only imagine how excited we were to hear that Hannaford [my go-to grocery store] now has a rewards program: My Hannaford Rewards, which allows you to earn 2% back on the foods you buy most often, from fresh produce, to meat, seafood, Hannaford brand items, and more.  I also love how the program makes it easy to virtually clip coupons – right in the app – helping me to both save and earn.

There are three ways to sign up:

Hannaford Rewards

I love that there are different options for signing up.  While I love my smartphone and using as a tool for so many things, Hannaford also gives customers the ability to sign up online or in the store.  If you do not use a smartphone, instead of scanning your app at the register, you would simply use your phone number at checkout.

I downloaded and signed up using the app, and it was very easy.  I found it quickly in the app store, and it only took a couple minutes to sign up, using my name, address, phone number, and then logging in with my e-mail and password.

Hannaford My Rewards App

The Hannaford app is definitely going to help us save money this year!

When you sign up, you get offers for free groceries.  So right away, not only did I find a bunch of useful coupons, I got a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $5 or more, which I will be using right away.  I “clipped” a bunch of coupons right in the app so I can also use those on my next trip to the store.

Hannaford Coupons

I can’t wait to see the savings add up in My Hannaford Rewards!

Rewards can be redeemed quarterly, so it will be nice to see the rewards accumulate over the next several months.

My New Year’s resolutions include being better about saving money and eating healthier, so I’ll be back with some updates!