Living In An Apartment: Things No One Tells You

Most young people moving out for the first time opt for an apartment. This can seem like a big step up in responsibility if before you only owned a bedroom at your parents’ house. However, apartment living takes getting used to for those that have never experienced it, especially if you’re on an upper level (which this post will mainly focus on). There are lots of advantages to living in an apartment. They’re cheaper than houses, cosier and easier to maintain. But there are disadvantages worth preparing yourself for – disadvantages that no-one tells you about.   

Moving in can be difficult

Moving into an apartment can be a struggle, more so for those living on the upper levels. Because apartments are pokier, getting in big furniture like sofas and beds takes a lot of effort. You may have to carry these bulky items up several flights of stairs. Taking measurements is a must – this includes the dimension of your flat and the stairwell leading up to it. Hiring some great movers can be handy to prevent items getting damaged. You may even need to hire a crane to move items up if the stairs are too narrow to fit a sofa or bed frame or table. Those buying furniture for the first time should consider going flat-pack and possibly getting the item delivered to your door – it can save you a lot of stress!  

You may have to deal with noisy neighbours

In a house you may have noisy neighbours either side of you. In an apartment, you may have them above you and below you too. Whether it’s loud footsteps, loud music or loud DIY, you’re sure to have an argument at some point (there are other unpleasant sounds you may hear, but we won’t discuss those).

You’ll learn to love online shopping

Having to carry lots of shopping bags up several flights of stairs certainly keeps you fit and you’ll learn new methods of carrying as many bags as you can just to reduce the amount of trips to the car. However, these perks can’t make up for the convenience of online shopping. It may cost you more to have someone lug your bags to your door, but it’s a price worth paying in many cases.  

Taking out the garbage sucks

Taking out the garbage can be a time-consuming task. Even if you’re able to take everything out in one trip, you then must deal with the stress of collective bins. Some apartment owners are lucky – every flat has its own bin. In most cases, you have collective bins which are almost always full. Recycling bins may also be locked shut, offering only a tiny slot in the top to deposit rubbish. This encourages people to break down cardboard boxes, which can be lengthy process after moving day.

Living without a garden isn’t that bad

The idea of not having a garden might seem depressing at first, but then you realise you didn’t use your garden that much to begin with. You can still grow plants indoors and in windowboxes. You may have a balcony space or landing in which you can grow a few plants. When it comes to summer, living in flat simply encourages you to get outside more often and visit parks and beer gardens and other people’s garden parties. In this respect, it keeps you more social.