pickle candy canes

This year, our Elf on the Shelf brought the kids some pickle-flavored candy canes!  The Elf’s name is Pickles, which is why we sometimes get some pickle-themed gifts!

You can find this product on Amazon.com, and the description reads:

You’ll get six 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) tall, pickle-flavored canes in each box, beautifully decorated with the friendly image of Santa Pickle.  Shrink wrapped.

The kids were excited to dig in!  Since there are 6 candy canes, we each tried some and also shared some with friends.

I thought the candy canes would have a pickle flavor and taste salty.

The way I would describe these are sweet, with a hint of pickle flavor.  It doesn’t have any saltiness to it, and very little flavor.

My kids tried them, two of their friends tried them, and I tried them.  The kids thought they were gross.  I was anticipating that the candy canes would be salty, so I was disappointed.

The candy canes aren’t cheap, and cost about $15 right before Christmas.  I think you might be able to get them a little cheaper if you buy them earlier, and there are plenty of other interesting flavors of candy canes, like gravy, wasabi, and bacon.  Or if you are into pickles, there are other pickle candies, mints, band-aids, and other cool novelty items.

While these didn’t taste particularly good, it makes for a fun gift or gag gift!