Design your room around a Moroccan pouffe. The pouffe has been around for a while so you won’t have a problem on finding the one that will fit the look and feel of the room you choose to upgrade. Take these things into consideration when buying this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Moroccan Pouffe
Image by SarahKaron via Flickr

How Well Is This Pouffe Made

A Moroccan pouffe involves sewing strong pieces of fabric together. Examples of the fabric are leather, suede, and synthetic leather. You want to opt for leather because it is the most durable. A leather Moroccan pouffe will be around for a long time. You are paying for the artisan craftsmanship of a good leather pouffe.

There will be times when you will have to fill your own pouffe. Just buy bean bag filling and fill your new Morrocan pouffe.

What Colour Is Going To Fit Your Room

You will have many colours to choose from when you purchase your first classy Moroccan leather pouffe. Flip through magazines and find colour schemes that match the look you want for your room. You also have to find the spot to put your pouffe. You can always design a whole room around any one of the great colours the pouffes come in. According to interior designer Janet Shea, designers love the versatility of the pouffe – you can put it in a kids’ room or living room – as well as its variety of colours for colour splash.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Moroccan Pouffe

There are a few places online to buy your Moroccan pouffe. Zohi Interiors is a reputable modern online shop that offers many great Moroccan pouffes. The company is out of Australia and has an excellent reputation in home decor goods. Their service is good and their products are equally as good.

How Much Should I Pay For A Great Pouffe

When it comes to pouffes, you want to buy a high-quality pouffe that can take people getting up and sitting down on the pouffe. A well-made Moroccan pouffe will cost about $125 to $250 dollars depending on the design and material you choose. If you spend any less, the seams will probably come apart and the material will wear fast. A high-quality pouffe can last forever. There are vintage Morrocan pouffes that are years old.

The Purpose Of The Pouffe

You may want a Moroccan pouffe as it could enhance the look of a room, but the pouffe could also provide extra seating. Julie Lauren writes on her blog about how great the Morrocan pouffe is. She loves the fact that her guests have a place to sit without having to have large chairs or couches around. Julie also points out the element of fun a pouffe adds to a room.

Quality is one of the most important elements of buying a pouffe. A Moroccan pouffe is an exciting element to add to your home. This small furniture is not only good looking, but also acts as a functional piece in any room of your home.