Taylor Farm

We travel to and through Vermont a lot, and usually we are on a schedule to get to a destination by a certain time.  We have passed Taylor Farm countless times, but have never stopped.  It is one of those places that looks cute, but we are either going too fast or don’t have enough time, so on a recent leisurely trip, we made the time to stop.

There is a sign right along the road, and there is a red farm building shop you can see from the road.  As I pulled in, there were a bunch of chickens wandering in the parking lot, so I carefully pulled into a spot (as the kids shrieked that I better not run over any chickens!).

The shop is full of goodies, from maple syrup to cheese, local goods like soaps, yarn, and more.

Taylor Farm Londonderry VT

We didn’t have a cooler with us so we bought a small block of cheese to eat on the way to our destination.  They had some great cheese to choose from, and I pretty much wanted one of everything!

Taylor Farm Cheese

They make their own cheese too!

Taylor Farm Cheese

The kids were grouchy after being in the car for a long time, but when I saw food and brushes in the shop by the side door, I grabbed some and took the kids back outside…

Taylor Farm Londonderry Vt

Outside, there are signs pointing in the direction of animals.

Taylor Farm Londonderry Vermont

The kids were still whining and complaining when the chickens came out.  And wouldn’t you know, a big pot belly pig noticed the commotion and waddled out from under a tractor.  The girls were instantly besides themselves and had a blast hanging out with the pig and the rest of the farm animals.

Taylor Farm Pig

This is such a cute place to visit in Vermont.  I love supporting local and it was the best break to stretch our legs!  Next time I come through I hope to be prepared with a cooler so I can grab some cheese on the way home.


Visit Taylor Farm online at http://www.taylorfarmvermont.com/