4 Reasons Why Replacements are Better Than Repairing Windows

Something has to be done with your home’s windows, but what approach is best? You could spend money making repairs or you could have them replaced. Before you make a decision, consider the benefits of going with new windows. Here are four examples to consider.

The Look

There’s no doubt that repairs would make the existing windows look better. The question is how much better will they look. Does the improvement justify the cost? In many cases, the answer is no.

New windows would definitely improve the look of your home from the inside and the outside. You also have the chance to install a different type of window. Thanks to the use of modern technology, you can compare the impact of moving away from the double hung windows you have now and replacing them with awning windows or possibly some sort of sliding window design. Depending on how well a different design would accentuate the home’s design, those new windows could make your place look better than ever.

The Performance

Repairs might make the older windows more functional, but would they eliminate all the problems? That’s something you should explore before deciding to go with repairs. Even if it costs a little more, opting for new Barrie windows are likely to make the home more secure, eliminate drafts, and allow you to heat and cool the home with less energy. It doesn’t hurt that the new windows will also be easier to open and close. Over time, the superior performance will save quite a bit of money.

The Warranty

You can get some sort of guarantee on the work when you have older window repaired. Choosing to go with new windows means you have a warranty on the materials as well as a guarantee on the installation work. That greater scope of protection ensures that if something goes wrong with the windows while they are still under warranty, there is a better chance of resolving the issue without having to pay anything else out of pocket.

The Impact on Home Values

Installing new windows instead of repairing older ones is definitely good for the property value. Any type of improvement you make will translate into a higher asking price if you should decide to place the house on the market. Buyer like to find homes that are in their price brackets and will not require any major repair work during the first few years. As you talk with the replacement windows contractor, learn more about what new windows can do for home values in your neighbourhood.

The choice is yours. Will you attempt to breathe new life into the older windows or invest in new ones? Talk with your contractor and explore each option carefully. After you weigh the expense against the benefits, you are likely to find that new windows are really the best approach.