Acne is the bane of many of our lives. Pimples and spots ruin complexions – these tips will help you prevent them.

Top Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne
  1.  Wash On A Daily Basis

This is the number one tip on our list for obvious reasons.  By washing your face in the morning and the evening with a suitable cleanser for your skin type, you can be sure that you will reduce the chance of bacteria build-up; as well as keeping your facial skin clean, firm, and beautiful.

  1.  Use Sunscreen

When enjoying the sunshine at the beach, it is important to wear sunscreen.  Of course, this is not the only time you should consider wearing sunscreen.  In fact, wearing sunscreen should be considered a year-round routine and should be used in all situations, even when you are ice skating.  Sunscreen is beneficial because it is a protection factor against wrinkles and the irritation of the sun, even if the sun is behind clouds.

  1.  Moisturize Constantly

Certain products that are used daily, such as hand and dish soap, contain certain chemicals that contribute to drying out skin.  It is important that you use a moisturizer to reduce the chance of dry or peeling skin.  Some the ingredients in these moisturizers can also assist in treating acne.

  1.  Do NOT Scrub

Contrary to popular belief, scrubbing the skin instead of gentle washing can worsen the case of acne.  By scrubbing skin, you are, in fact, damaging it and irritation can inflame a pimple or turn one pimple into several pimples.  It is not just washing too hard that you must avoid, it is important to avoid drying the skin too hard as well.  By rubbing your face or skin too harshly with a towel, you can experience the same problems.  Instead, try patting the skin with a towel; this will keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

  1.  Use Clean Makeup Brushes

It is important that you use clean makeup brushes when applying makeup.  This does not mean you need to sterilize the brushes before use or handle them with latex gloves, but washing them out every week or so to avoid clumping of makeup in the brush.  Since these items are used exclusively on the face, you never know what you are brushing on and what you are brushing off.  They can hold bacteria from a previous makeup application and if you do not clean the brushes you could continue to add the bacteria to your face.

Acne can cause long term blemishes and nobody wants to end up with acne scars. If you do then acne scar removal is an option.

  1.  Use Cleansers With Salicyclic Acid

Salicyclic acid is one of the most effective treatments for people with acne.  It is a natural acid making it one of the good types of acids, and it is a great way of removing dead skin.  Salicyclic acid is useful for treating both blackheads and whiteheads as it removes each of these types of pimples.  Any cleansers with this ingredient should show beneficial results within a few weeks.

  1.  Do Not Wear Makeup Often

If you find that you are breaking out in pimples, wearing makeup cosmetics can be detrimental and can exacerbate the problem.  Instead of piling on any makeup product to hide the problem, it is better that you opt for oil-free cosmetics because they do not contain any chemicals or dyes.

  1.  Eat Mixed Nuts

A treatment for acne is to eat mixed nuts.  Nuts are filled with different proteins and acid omega-3, both of which can decrease the chance of breakouts and pimple inflammation.