Autumn 2017 Outdoor Style Guide

It’s getting to that time of year again, when the days are shorter and the air is colder, meaning you are needing to wear more layers to stay warm. When the leaves begin to fall, so does the need for the added warmth whilst maintaining your style and fashion sense. Some people may think it’s hard to dress fashionably during the colder months, however, with these tips, you will ensure to stay stylish as well as stay warm.

Sheepskin is a natural temperature cooler meaning you will be kept call on those rare hot days that are so common during the Autumn season. Sheepskin slippers are always an Autumn essential for those cold frosty mornings so that your feet are kept nice and toasty.

Another perfect Autumn item of clothing is a soft and comfortable jumper along with a stylish sheepskin coat in the later Autumn months. If you are one to really feel the cold, why not pull on your winter bobble hat to keep your head and ears nice and warm. Your hat can be the perfect accompaniment to the jumper and coat, and can also look really good as you stroll proudly and confidently through the countryside.

During them colder months, you don’t just want to hibernate indoors, every now and then you may want to indulge in some outdoor activities such as fishing. If you are a keen fisherman and won’t allow the cold, wet or snow stop you from enjoying a fishing trip, then you are sure to need a lightweight waterproof jacket. Lightweight waterproof jackets for fishing are great if you want to remain comfortable and dry on your fishing trips. They are not only stylish, but are easy to slip on and is able to be used in the rain all day if need be. They can also be used for other outdoor activities such as hiking or just on them long country walks, therefore if you love the outdoors you need to get yourself one of these.

For men, Herringbone patterned sweaters have been highly popular throughout fashion history. This year, this design is seen as classy and subtle, making the perfect autumn purchase for stylish and fashionable men. This sweater is able to compliment any outfit and is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Our last Autumn essential is none other than then scarf. A scarf is a very good item of clothing for keeping your neck, which is usually exposed to the cold, warm. With a bit of colour and texture can liven up your look in the middle of a cold and miserable winter, a scarf is an amazing addition to your Autumn look. Especially if your coat is either grey or black, a playful yet vibrant colour can easily make a bold and stylish fashion statement, as well as give your style some depth.  It is also very good at keeping your neck warm when out and about.

To conclude, wrap up this Autumn and make it look good. Don’t let the winter months stop you from staying fashionable this year!