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I received a Tinker Crate in exchange for my honest review.

We try to provide as many learning experiences for our kids as possible, from travel adventures to exploring nature and doing science experiments at home.  It can be a challenge to find ways to keep the kids interested and engaged, and away from electronics.  I had heard about Tinker Crate, a subscription box for kids, and was curious to try it out.

There are a variety of crates to choose from at Kiwi Co (depending on your child’s age), including the Tinker Crate for ages 9-16.  I like that there are different options for different ages – there is even a Cricket Crate for newborns!

We were so excited when our Tinker Crate arrived.  It comes with just about everything to make a hydraulic claw, and all we needed was a pair of scissors and a cup of water.  Often we get kits where we can’t even use it without having to go shopping for supplies first, which is frustrating for everyone – so we were already off to a great start with Tinker Crate!

The instructions are very clear, and I let my 10 year old work on this on her own.  The whole process is very straightforward and organized, which is great.  My daughter can get frustrated, and I did help her with a few steps, but mostly just confirming that she was putting things together correctly.  There is also an online video tutorial, which is another option especially if you get hung up on something.

Tinker Crate Instructions

The pieces in the kit are well-made.  I was impressed with the parts to the claw, which consist of grey plastic pieces (not cardboard), brads, zip ties, and foam double-sided tape.

Tinker Crate

Here is our hydraulic claw in action!

 Once the basic claw was assembled, there are different options as far as other projects you can create.  The learning does not stop with the single hydraulic claw, as you can make a more complex structure, other projects, or simply learn more about science.  The Tinker Crate easily provides hours of activities.

Tinker Crate

My daughter enjoyed making a larger hydraulic claw structure.

Tinker Crate

She even got her younger sister involved, and they put together a little cup “bucket” for the claw to pick up, and they put different items in the cup to see how much the claw could lift.

Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate is a fantastic kit for kids and families.  The cool thing is that because this is a subscription box, you get something different every month, with new projects.  Not only do my kids love getting things in the mail, but now they can’t wait to try another Tinker Crate!

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