Back Pain

Photo Credit: Michael Dorausch via Flickr

There is no experience more humbling than being suddenly crippled by back pain. One second, you’re picking up a sheet off the floor while making your bed and then suddenly, you are doubled over on the ground in unimaginable pain.

There is no single smoking gun when it comes to what causes back pain, but we have developed ways to help sufferers heal from their condition and reduce the chance of a subsequent back spasm attack occurring.

We’ll share these strategies below … check’em out.

Get a bed with proper firmness

We spend a third of our lives under the covers, so it makes sense to start here. According to anecdotal evidence in Nectar Bed Reviews, it seems like certain types of mattresses make a big difference when it comes to fixing back pain.

The crowd might be right on this one, as doctors warn people against using mattresses which are very soft or very hard.  

The former provides no support for one’s back, while the latter can actually push the spine out of alignment if you lay on it in a certain way.

It’s best to go for a bed in the middle of the firmness spectrum, as beds like the Nectar provide enough stiffness to keep the spine aligned optimally, while its memory foam envelops the entire body in a form-fitting hug which many people find quite comfortable.   

Avoid sitting as much as possible

Of all the positions we assume over the course of a day, sitting is by far the most stressful on the spinal column.

Even if you are sitting up straight with ‘good posture’, your spine is under 40% more stress than if you were performing the same task standing up with good posture.

If you can transition to a sit-stand desk at work, do so, as this workstation will place less cumulative stress on your spine over time.

Get moving

Not only should you spend less time sitting and more time standing at work, you should also make a conscious effort to move around more as well.

Even if you are currently being afflicted with back pain, getting off the couch and making an effort to move around can make a significant difference in how quickly you will recover from the spasms which are afflicting you.

Doing so permits blood to circulate, allowing it to carry away waste from the affected area and to deliver materials which will help heal your back.    

Eat better

You might not be able to understand how what you eat has such a profound effect on the health of your back, but bear with us.

When you consume a meal, it contain nutrients used to power your muscles and its organs. If you feed it food stuffed with the nutrients it needs, everything runs optimally, you are filled with energy – in short, life is good.

On the other hand, if you continually eat junk food containing predominantly white carbs, the lack of nutrients erodes your ability to stay healthy long-term.

What’s more, the sugars circulating in your system will inflame body structures like muscles. This causes them to puff up, which could cause them to press against nerves, worsening your pain.

By consuming fewer carbs and more lean meats, vegetables, and healthy fats, and you should see an improvement in your condition within a short period of time.