I love board games, as it is a nice break from electronics and the kids complaining about being bored.  I was excited to receive Ninja Squirrels, a new game from RoosterFin.

Ninja Squirrels Game

The game comes with:

60 Cards
4 Ninja Character Cards
4 Battle Ring Pieces
20 Acorns
Simple Instructions

The concept of this game is pretty simple: your goal is to collect as many acorns as you can!

Ninja Squirrels RoosterFin

Setup is very easy.  You simply snap together the four sections of the board, and put an acorn in each section.  In the beginning, we matched the color of the acorns to the board, but as we ran out of acorns, we used whatever we had.

Shuffle the cards, but this is one of the few games that it doesn’t have a major impact if you don’t do a great job shuffling.  (Which is great when you have kids who want to shuffle, but don’t necessarily do a great job).  Then deal everyone an equal stack of cards.

First player (our youngest) puts a card in the middle of the board.

Ninja Squirrels Game

We go around in a circle, with each player putting down a card.  When the color matches, first one to grab the matching acorn gets to keep it!

Ninja Squirrels

I love how easy it is to set up the game and learn how to play.  We played it a few ways as well, to mix it up.

~ to make it a little harder, we played a few versions where you had to match both the color of the acorn AND the color of the belt.  Best when you have only two players, because you can go through a lot of cards before you get a match.

~ some games we set the cards NEXT to the first card, other games we put them on TOP.  Sometimes the younger kids would forget to pay attention and forget what color they were supposed to be watching for, so it is a good way to get them to remember to pay attention!

Ninja Squirrels RoosterFin

We had a lot of fun playing Ninja Squirrels, and this is a perfect game to get out when we have friends or family visiting, because it only takes a moment to set up and requires very little instruction to play.  My 7-year-old had no problem playing, and I would say even younger kids could play too.

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