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With summer wrapping up and a new school year beginning, how cool is it that there is a kid’s music album to celebrate the school year?  The Bazillions have a new album out, “Rock-N-Roll Yearbook”, a great way to kick off and embrace the school year.

I hadn’t heard of this Minneapolis based band before, and they already have several award-winning albums: Rock-n-Roll Recess, Heads or Tales and On the Bright Side. The band is led by Adam and Kristin Marshall, former teachers who are very familiar with entertaining kids!

Not only is their music entertaining, but it is positive and has educational value too.  This is fun rock-n-roll for kids, appropriate and something parents can enjoy too!


There are lots of great songs on this album, which cover everything from buying new gym shoes to the school spelling bee.  I think my favorites are “You Could Be the One”, inspiring kids to follow their dreams, and “Just Another Monday”, which strives to make Mondays better.

Check out their new music video for “Back at School”:

Great way to switch up your summer road trip music with something new for the school year!

1. Back At School
2. Take Turns
3. New Pair Of Shoes
4. You Could Be The One
5. That’s My Style
6. Just Another Monday
7. Who What When Where Why
8. Queen Ellen Of The Spelling Bee
9. Wide Open World Of Adjectives
10. More To Be Done
11. Keep Your Identity Safe
12. Summer’s Here

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