Having a reliable vehicle is something that is important to us.  With two young kids, we spend a lot of time in the car, so it is important to have the right vehicle, and to make sure it stays in top working condition.

Car ownership can be overwhelming, and over the years, I have had a lot of questions. What car do I pick?  What do I need to know about maintenance?  Where should I take my car to be serviced? There are lots of things to think about when purchasing a car.

Finding the Perfect Car for Your Family

~ Buying ~

Choosing a car is such a big decision, and it has certainly evolved since I got my first car.  Times have changed since I bought a car to take to college, and now we have a minivan for our family.

I remember right after we had our second baby, we traipsed around from dealership to dealership looking for cars.  It was a truly exhausting experience, and I recommend using websites, which offer tools right at the tips of your fingers to make the process easier and less stressful. You can shop right from the comfort of home.

~ Selling & Trading ~

I remember how quickly we outgrew our mid-size car when we had kids, so not only were we trying to find a bigger vehicle, but we had also had to figure out what to do with our old car. Now you can simply look up your car’s value and use other tools to sell or trade your current vehicle.  I have had about 5 cars now, and every time I have decided to get a new car, the process of figuring out what to do with the old one is definitely that.. a process.  I like having tools like being able to check the value of the car and even being able to get a trade-in offer online or posting a classified ad online, all from the comfort of home.

~ Service & Repair ~

Once you have your perfect family car, maintenance and repair is such a big part of car ownership.  As a parent, it is important for me to keep our minivan safe and reliable.  It is important to stay up to date on regular maintenance, and at a service center that you trust.  Look online to find advice on maintaining your vehicle, and also finding a trustworthy place for service or repair.  We are such a busy family, it does take effort to stay on top of general maintenance from keeping windshield washer fluid filled, to making sure my inspection is up to date, to making sure the snow tires are on in time for winter weather.  Then there is the stress of other service and repair, so keeping the process as stress free as possible is important.

There is always more to learn when it comes to cars, so it doesn’t hurt to keep up with things like recall information, news, and other facts and tips like car seat checks – so stay informed!