I received outfits from Crazy 8 in exchange for my honest review.

It seems like more than ever, we are busier than ever.  It feels like school just got out, but summer is going fast and we are thinking about back-to-school.  My girls love school, and have started planning out how they want to decorate their lockers and what they want to wear on their first day back and beyond.

Shopping for back to school can be tough, but when we started browsing for clothes, I was very pleasantly surprised when both girls were finding lots of stuff they loved at Crazy 8.  We have shopped there since the kids were little, and I love how the clothes line has grown with them.

We started off our shopping with denim bottoms.  The kids need some new bottoms to start off the school year, and I love solid denim, which are classics and can be mixed with so many colors, patterns, and accessories.

Crazy 8 Denim

My 10-year-old headed up much of the shopping, thoroughly scouring Crazy8.com and finding lots of outfits for herself and coming up with ideas for her sister as well.  By no means did the shopping end at one outfit, so we will be heading back to do some more shopping.

Crazy 8 Style

Both kids prefer jeggings over jeans, so this is the perfect choice for them.

Crazy8 Bus

We love this outfit, which is a perfect ensemble from head to toe.  The jeggings fabric is nice and smooth, and the dark wash is a rich color.  The fringe of the shirt adds extra style to the tank top, and the gold sandals compliment the outfit perfectly.

Crazy 8 Outfit

There are so many great ways to accessorize with our outfits, from scarves to jewelry.  I love the colors of this necklace/bracelet set and how they pop against our dark denim!

She even went for a braided headband, which compliments the style perfectly – and bonus – keeps her long hair out of the way.

Crazy 8 Headband

My daughter wants to get a denim jacket as well, so that she extend the life of her outfit into colder fall weather and beyond.

One of the biggest reasons my kids love jeggings is because they can enjoy being active in the soft, stretchy material.  My youngest has trouble with pants staying up, and there is an adjustable band in the jeggings, which is perfect so that they stay in place.

Crazy 8

There are also leggings with an elastic waistband as well, and I love how we can combine comfort with style.  My soon-to-be 3rd-grader is always on the move, and she loves this outfit.  She looks cute, plus no complaints, which is a success!

Crazy 8 Style

My daughter was so excited to find a shirt with a roller skate on it!  She loves rollerskating and is passionate about taking lessons and learning new moves, but we can never seem to find apparel that has a skate on it, so this was a treat to find.

Crazy 8 shirt

I like how Crazy 8 is a great place for one-stop-shopping, from tops and bottoms to jackets, shoes and more.  My daughter fell in love with these gold fringed sandals, which add some extra shine to the ensemble.

Crazy8 Playground

She also loves wearing some Crazy 8 jewelry with her outfit, like this fringed bracelet.  Again, a nice comfortable piece that also pops against the dark denim.

Crazy 8 Bracelet

Both girls chose out quite a few more back-to-school items that they would like to add to their wardrobe, and for now they have a great start because they can mix and match pieces with accessories.

Crazy 8 Accessories

Seeing how much they love these outfits and the quality of the clothes, we are looking forward to doing some more school shopping!  Now the trick is to keep them from wearing out their outfits before school even starts!


Visit Crazy8 at http://www.crazy8.com/