Hooty Friends Fox Lavender Stuffed Animal

A couple months ago, for my 10th birthday, I got the Hooty Friends Fox Lavender Stuffed Animal.

The nice thing about this fox is that it smells great, because it is stuffed with lavender.  You can put it in the microwave for 60-90 seconds and have it be warm when you want to snuggle down and have a cup of tea or go to bed.

It is 10 inches tall and the perfect size. If you have a headache or cold, this will help lots with that. Plus, the lavender helps you relax and fall asleep.  The scent is really nice and soothing.

It’s a perfect birthday present because it fits in a small bag or can wrap easily with wrapping paper.

I think it’s better than most ordinary heating pads because it’s cute and fluffy, so if you are sick or if someone else is sick it will most likely lift their spirits!