Why Parents Must Prioritize Their Own Health & Wellness

Life gets extremely busy – especially, when you’re a parent. There never seems to be time for anything! Eating breakfast on the go, cramming as many activities as possible in a day, and barely having any alone time with the significant other becomes the norm. However, when health negatively enters the equation, you need to actually stop and look at what you’re prioritizing. As a parent, pushing your health and wellness to the bottom of the list is unacceptable – because your well-being matters just as much as those around you!

You’re always Super-Mom or Super-Dad to your kids and significant other, but remember you’re also human. Here’s why every parent needs to prioritize their own health and wellness.

  1. Putting aside your health and wellness is not a sacrifice, it is an unhealthy choice with long-term consequences.

Sacrifices are inevitable once you become a parent, but confusing sacrifice and unnecessary action should not be an issue. Yes, your children are receiving the utmost attention and care, but what about you? Being the provider for a family doesn’t mean you forget about taking care of yourself. Rather, it should mean you need to nourish your mental and physical state even more to wholeheartedly do the best you can every day. Don’t spend the rest of your life consistently giving to others and saving nothing for yourself, no matter the circumstances. You always need to put yourself in a position of importance, even if that means being selfish for just five minutes. Otherwise, you will always be exhausted, be prone to sickness, and frankly, unhappy. Your emotions and physical well-being also play a part in how others are affected around you as well.

  1. A child’s mental and physical health depends on the health of their parents.

Ask yourself this question: does your parent need to continuously feel drained for you? Of course not. We were children once too and have seen what it was like to grow up with parents doing everything they possibly could to make our lives better. To finally understand and relate to that gives us a reminder. Since we’re in their shoes now, it is imperative to translate what we have learned from them into experiences with our own children. You have to be in state of mind and body that is providing children not only what they need, but deserve. Your child cannot grow without encouragement, your understanding and forgiveness, lessons on life, advice on physically nourishing oneself, and so much more. Lastly, your children want you to be happy. They love you just as much as you love them.

  1. You are able to continuously have genuine relationships with those around you.

Whether it be friends, parents, family, and even your significant other – they are also affected by your state of health and wellness. The kids keep you busy, but what about the time where you actually have a moment to be free with yourself or with others? The people you love are affected just as much as your children. It’s vital to remember that just because you’re settled down now, that friends, family, and intimate love are suddenly ejected from the equation. Have someone take care of the kids one night and see your old friends, have dinner with your parents or even go on a date with that special person! These people give you a break from the craziness of life and can offer advice and conversations that make living it a bit more bearable and help improve your self-compassion. Until the next time you see them, you have more stories to tell. Don’t let them fade into the craziness of life. You aren’t alone!

  1. You can advise your children to improve upon your own experiences and mistakes when they are parents.

In parenthood, you feel the need to protect a child from your own pain, even if they are an adult. They’re still your baby, we know. But eventually, they too can offer their own wisdom to help us through rough patches or at least remind us of their own understanding and compassion. Your child grows up with you – think about that. One day, you can sit down with them share all your experiences and memories with them. Hopefully, by taking care of yourself along the way during their lives, they can take the same path as you – being kind and compassionate to themselves in all areas of life, not just with their future children. Because wouldn’t you want your children to care about their health and wellness when they become parents too?