Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and is a spectacular harbor city located on the east ofAustralia. Situated on Port Jackson, Sydney is among the largest cities in the world and brags having a reputation of the cleanest and environmentally friendly city in the world.

Sydney is a gorgeous city which boasts of a lot of mesmerizing sights, tourist’s attractions, museums, enthralling beaches, natural beauty and spellbinding cityscape (Opera House, Harbor Bridge).

While most of the visitors who take a vacation to Sydney come for a limited period, it`s not feasible for them to experience all that Sydney has to offer. It becomes even harder to make a conclusive decision of which activity to undertake or which one to ignore. Fortunately, here is a definitive selection of the top 5 things to do in Sydney.

Whatever you tastes, preference and your budget, are, there`re lots of things you can experience in “Harbor City” from prearranged tours, exquisite dining in Five-star hotels, heart-stirring city sight-seeing, surfing to wildlife trips.

Top 5 things to do in Sydney

1. Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

Scaling the iconic Sydney Bridge is simply mesmerizing experience that you don`t want to miss. With breathtaking views and stunning scenery awaiting you at the top, this adventure is must-do on your itinerary list. Sydney Bridge Climbing has become a popular tourist destination in Sydney as it allows visitors to the southern half of the bridge. In addition to the height factor, the hair-raising views are the real deal. At the top, one can spot the Pacific Ocean opening up to the East, and the silhouette of the Blue Mountains.

2. Take a Ferry to Manly Beach

Manly should be your first Sydney Beach stop. No vacation would be complete without clambering into the green, and yellow stripped Sydney Ferries that provide ample room, impressive sights and a quintessential ‘Sydney” experience after all.

Below is a list of things to do at Manly beach;

-Learn to catch the waves through surfing lessons

-Take a dip in the cool and quiet waters

-Learn diving or parasailing with the dolphins

-Take the exploration route by catching the ferry at Circular Quay to Manly. The 45-minute ride allows taking photographs of the Opera House, Fort Dennison, and the Bridge.

3. A helicopter Flight to The Blue Mountains

A trip to the Blue Mountains encompasses a variety of awe-striking features. The 45-minute ride to the mountain top will provide you with an opportunity to have a clear and terrific view of the marvelous Blue Mountains canyons, Sydney City, the Harbor, the splendid Jamieson Valley and present you a chance to explore the limestone formations of the Jenolan caves. The epitome of all this will happen when you finally settle down at the top of the Blue Mountains to enjoy a delectable gourmet barbecue lunch.

4. A visit to Taroonga Zoo

For a close-up encounter with the Australian Wildlife, why not visit the Sydney’s` Taroonga Zoo. The zoo is bursting with Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, koala, Tasmanian devil to the Platypus. In a maximum group of 8 tourists, you`ll have an opportunity to learn about the rich Australian wildlife, while as you hand feed the Koalas and have a perfect photo moment.

5. A treat at the Sydney Opera House

Built by a Danish engineer, the Opera House is perhaps the most recognizable building in Sydney. The Opera House is an entertainment center made of different venues which include concert halls to theater halls. Here, there is always something worth turning up for; from the performances by renowned bands to dining at The Guillaume at Bennelong cafe.