Over the years I have tried to go as natural as possible when dealing with being sick.  I am always surprised to find so many products out there that are counter-intuitive when it comes to treating colds, stomach bug, flu, etc.  For example, most cough drops seem to be full of dyes and artificial flavors – obviously when my body is not feeling well, I don’t want to use products that aren’t all natural or nutritional!

Tips for Recovering Naturally When You Are Sick

Here are some of the ways I try to feel better when I am sick, from stomach bugs to colds.  (Obviously, consult your doctor as needed!)

Drink fluids.

This is a pretty well-known fact – stay hydrated.  It can also help you feel better to have either some nice cool, fresh fluids, or perhaps some hot tea.  Here’s where you want to be a label-reader. Stay away from stuff like sports drinks that have artificial colors and flavors – your body is struggling enough without things like dyes and additives.  I stick with water, simple herbal teas or even my own mix of honey and lemon.  (Bonus, use local honey that you know is real and also has the benefit of helping with seasonal allergies).

Lemon Water

Take supplements.

Vitamins or supplements may have to wait a bit if you are recovering from a stomach bug or anything else involving stomach issues, but if I have something like a cold, this is generally not an issue.

I make sure I take my vitamins when I am sick, especially if it means I am not eating a well-balanced diet or not eating much at all.  Be sure your vitamins don’t interact with any medications, if that is the case, and you want to make sure you take vitamins with food (to avoid stomach upset).

I also take a variety of herbal supplements that are directed towards colds and flu (such as echinacea or goldenseal).  Or, you can simply opt for food-based supplements, like ginger, garlic, turmeric, and other immune-boosting foods.

Eat healthy.

This is especially the case if you aren’t feeling up to taking supplements or you don’t have any available.  Nourish your body.

I try to eat as healthy as possible when I am under the weather, often eating my way through a bag of clementines over the course of the day.  Nourish your body with healthy foods.  Even though it might be easy to reach for something quick that isn’t healthy, remind yourself how much better your body can repair itself with wholesome food!

Last year I had pneumonia and I got so hungry, but I didn’t want to cook – and I also didn’t want to sacrifice.  I ate PROBAR Meals, which are all natural and organic, and provide lots of energy, so I knew I was nourishing my body.  Read the ingredients – something like a PROBAR is completely natural as far as ingredients, and it isn’t processed either – no dyes, artificial flavors, etc.


Read labels.

Again, I’m always surprised at things that are supposed to help improve an ailment, but is full of junk.  Take cough drops, for instance – some of them are literally sugar, red dye, and artificial flavor.  For one, that is basically candy!  And secondly, all those dyes and artificial ingredients are not good for you.  I try to stick with cough drops, cough syrups, and other products that are as natural as possible.  If it is something like Tylenol for kids – go with the dye free version.

Don’t overdo it.

Maybe you love fitness or you have a personality like me (I hate sitting around!) – but remind yourself to take it easy.  I have a tendency to start cleaning like a madwoman as soon as I am back on my feet, but it is easy to have a setback by not pacing yourself.