The best ways to brew a strong cup of coffee

When one says strong coffee, what immediately comes to mind is a strong coffee flavor. But what strong really refers to is the intensity of the flavor. It’s knowing what coffee flavor you like and then looking for a blend that represents that flavor. With the many different blends you can use choose from, how do you brew a strong cup of coffee? Here are a few ways.

Fresh is best. The flavor of your coffee is affected by the length of time it has sat in the container. A fresh, new batch always tastes great while the last one may not. As much as possible, consume within one week to ensure the freshness and the flavor. Proper storage will also be a factor in the strength of your coffee. Make sure that it is stored in an airtight container and bear in mind that fresh is always best.

Grind by yourself. Don’t grind the coffee beans until the time that you are going to use them. This is so you will get more flavor from your coffee. When you do the grinding yourself, you have the control as to how coarse or fine the grounds will be. To get the most flavor, and therefore, have a stronger coffee, grind the beans until they are very fine. It would also help to invest in a good grinder since you will be using it as often as you drink coffee.

The right ratio. The right amount of coffee-to-water ratio will ensure that you will have a strong coffee. This is typically 2-2.5 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. But go for what you prefer and what works for you. Just make sure that you don’t put in too much water since this can weaken the taste of your brew.

Brewing methods. Learning how to brew coffee is all part of the coffee experience. It will take a lot of brewing before you will be able to find what works for you and your taste buds. So don’t be in a hurry. Learning about the different brewing methods will help you brew a stronger cup of coffee. This begins with using clean, purified water and brewing under the right temperatures. This also means figuring out how your brewer works in order to brew your cup of choice.

Test the coffee. Don’t be afraid to experiment. This will help you know if the brew is strong enough for you or if it needs a little more tweaking. Just keep a pad of paper and pen nearby and write down the process you followed. You can’t expect to find the right brew on the first try.  Keep updating the list until you have found what brew works for you.  If you have issues with coffee and acid reflux, check out these low acid coffee reviews to find a coffee that works for you.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to drink that cup so there’s no one better to consult if a brew is strong enough than your own taste buds. If you’re interested in a pour over type of brewer, you can check out the Hario v60 brew guide to find out how it works and to try a recipe. It might just be what you need for that satisfying coffee experience.