Health and Wellbeing

Modern moms are often trying to juggle work and family commitments and you might be one of a growing number who works from home to earn an income.

There is the convenience factor of being able to work from home but it seems that too many of you don’t always focus on diet and nutrition alongside all the other things you have to think about, which could be a mistake.

Here is a look at ways to lead a more productive, healthier and happy life, including making time for yourself, why you need to stay disciplined about work hours, and the importance of getting out of the house during the day.  If you’re really serious about fitness you could even do a fitness instructor course and make getting healthy your full time at home job.

Trying to do it all

Mom’s are brilliant at multitasking but everyone has their limits and there are going to be times when you need a bit of extra help to get everything done.

You can’t realistically expect to be able to develop a business or career, care for your children and cover a mountain of other tasks all within the time available. It will also eventually take a toll on your health if you don’t take any time out for yourself.

Think about hiring some child care to take the strain at certain times. This will give the chance for some productive downtime where you could work out some of the stresses and strains of the day.

Check out and find a setup that you can install at home and step into your own gym at a moment’s notice when the child care help arrives.

You always need to find time to let off steam, whether that is a calorie-burning exercise routine or reading a book for twenty minutes, it all helps to recharge your batteries and send you back into work mode with a renewed sense of purpose.

Set a schedule

There is a great temptation to work all sorts of hours when your home is also your office.

It is all too easy to put the kids to bed and rather than settle down for some relaxing time, instead you head back to your home office and try to catch up on your emails and anything else that needs doing.

You need to be disciplined about setting a work schedule that gives you time to work, time for the family and time for other things like socializing. It is also important to eat healthily and follow nutritional guidelines with your diet, despite the urge to snack when you are at home all the time.

Establish a clear routine that allows you to do all these things in just the right measure, then stick to it.

Leave home

The days can soon blur into an almost endless period where you seem to have hardly left the house at all, other than to do the school run or to get some groceries.

You do need to get out of the house and away from your work environment. Make a date to meet up with some friends for coffee or for a walk in the park with some other friends who are also at home a lot of the time.

If you don’t get out and about on a regular basis you can soon fall into a scenario where the only human contact you have is when your partner or the kids come home in the evening.


Hailey Parsons is a Mom who works online. She loves the flexibility this affords her and writes about maintaining her work/life balance and family topics in her articles.