Interior Design

A house becomes a home when we put a lot of love and care in making it. A home is a place to worship after a church or a temple. But, we all know that how expensive it is to make your dream house look like what exactly you want. An interior designer has to be hired, raw materials have to be bought and a lot of things have to be carried out. Also, many times we have different preferences and choices as compared to that of our designer. The question arises how can we get ideas to make our house look like that of a celebrity? How can we indulge our thoughts to make an extra luxurious yet elegant house? The answers to all your concerns lie in these quick tips as for how to be an interior designer without actually being one? Didn’t understand? Follow what I have mentioned mention!

The color effect

Take basic colors in your color palette such as royal blue, a pale orange, a glass green and so on. Use primary colors so that they can be mixed with other colors to form new colors. Such colors are ideal if you want to go for a head to toe makeover. Follow the 50/150 rule. For example, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter and other 150% darker.

Flaunt bluntly

If you have made an investment in buying some artwork and vintage pieces, put it in the living room or at a place where it catches maximum eyes. Melbourne picture hanging service can help install your selectively chosen pieces. This way you’ll create an aura of your house being modern and lavish. 

Fake the ceiling height

Put stuff that occupies large spaces but don’t have that much of height. Keeping a low-slung sofa, large mirrors to look the rooms taller. In addition to this, you can also paint the windows according to the landscape or to the walls of the room. In addition to that, if you don’t have a spacious room, you can put furniture that occupies the maximum square foot. Doing this, you’re creating an impression of your room which looks big even if it is not.

Please the eye by adding textures

Textures are as important as colors. A room at the first glance would look like a single color scheme but if you look closely, you would find plenty of shades and textures, a faux leather sofa, silk cushions, shiny lamps, all these add texture creating an illusion of your house having a rich and sophisticated atmosphere.

The trinket hack

Be as creative and decorative as possible. Use decorative bowls and baskets, candlesticks, a couple of books, marbles, decorative lights and all the little trinkets to add a little glamour to your house.

Add flowers to your room

Adding floral arrangements, live plants and natural items such as vases, shells, and stones create a magic in your room. There are many easy care plants that you can purchase and will last longer if proper care is taken.

Say yes to glass showers

Most of the people opt for a frosted glass or an opaque curtain for extra privacy. But if you want your bathroom to look big, you can put a glass door and put floor tiles straight to the stall. It makes the room feel large.  

It’s completely okay not to hire an interior designer when you can carry out the work yourself. Remember, it’s your home so everything has to be according to you – a home that shows who you are.