Retail Display

If you are trying to create a retail display that is successful, you need a combination of artistic and scientific methods. Even if you are not a designer or an artist, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your display, no matter if it is a small pop display, cardboard display stands, or full-size product placement option, these tips will help ensures yours looks great and achieves the goals you have for the product.


You should not assume that a simple display will increase your sales. You have to take the time to actually plan the promotional strategy. You should begin this by educating the staff about the products, as well as why they are placed where they are. You should also promote it elsewhere, such on social media and direct marketing to spread the word even further. Getting custom buttons by Uber Buttons and placing them on the display is a great way to increase the branding you have.


You need to use as few words as absolutely possible to relate the purpose of your display. While the goal is to sell more products, you need to get specific, first. Base the purpose on the target market, as well as your client’s needs. If you have guests that are traveling often, then travel sized products may be a good option.


You need to map out where your actual product is going to be placed. Be sure that you get as close to the entrance as possible, since many clients are drawn to the items that are located there. You do not have to put a sample of all of the options in your product line, but be sure you include products at different price points so you will have someone that appeals to everyone.  


You need to ensure the product shelving you create does not contain more than 20 percent of props. You should ensure that the retail products are the stars, rather than decorations. Be sure you select props that are able to support the message or display theme.

Measure the Results

What is the point of displaying or promoting your products if you are not going to measure the results that your efforts have? Be sure that what you are doing is working and helping you get the response that you want from whatever it is you are promoting. This is essential when trying to sell any type of product and needs to be considered carefully.