A bathroom renovation is a serious undertaking that consumes a lot of time and money. Turning your lavatory into a more appealing or modern version of itself doesn’t necessarily have to be high-priced. There are many ways you can enhance your bathroom without resorting to very expensive materials and fixtures. We present budget-friendly tips that can help your bathroom renovation more bearable for your finances

Bathroom Renovation Tips

1. Repainting can improve the appearance of your bathroom

If the walls and ceilings of your bathroom are still in good condition; then you don’t need to do an extensive replacement for these sections. Repainting is one practical way to transform the display of your bathroom into something new without spending a lot of money. Of course, you want to use a high quality paint otherwise your bathroom will look dull if you apply cheap and bland-looking paint.

You may also want to consider purchasing paint that are resistant to mould and mildew growth. Mould and mildew are very common in the bathroom due to the persistent moisture. These fungi can damage your walls and ceilings and make it unappealing to look at. With the use of mould-resistant paint; the development of moulds and mildew are less likely to occur or their growth isn’t too widespread.

2. Avoid relocating the plumbing

If there are no serious complications that require your plumbing to be heavily modified or transferred; then there is no need for you to tinker too much with the plumbing system in your bathroom. Some homeowners like to change the location of the toilet, bathtub, or sink; even though they are fixtures still working adequately.

Changing the site of your plumbing is very expensive which is why it must be avoided. Unless of course it’s recommended by the plumber. Updating your plumbing fixtures or improving its finishes can enhance the appearance of your bathroom greatly.  

3. Thoroughly clean the caulk and grout

You’ll be amazed that something as simple as cleaning the caulk and grout can vastly improve the presence or aesthetics of the bathroom. Apart from cleaning these parts, you can also add or freshen it with new lines of caulk and grout. This is an inexpensive means to give your bathroom a better look.  

4. Consider upgrading with Eco-friendly fixtures

If you plan on replacing your toilets, shower heads, faucets, sinks, and other fixtures; you might want to take in the idea of using eco-friendly fixtures as replacement. There are plumbing devices which have low-flow features — fixtures that lower water use through water-efficient technology. Some of these low-flow fixtures are actually more affordable than its traditional counterparts. Installing these types of plumbing appliances can help lessen your water utility bills for a long period of time.

5. Make your storing shelves practical and simple

There’s really no need to spend excessive amounts of money for your compartment. You need to make the storage area practical and ensure it has a lot of space for your bathroom items. Simple designs are enough for your shelf storage. Plus, minimalist layouts give a more modern appearance to your bathroom.  

6. Try to lessen tile usage

Tiles are one of the most expensive materials for bathroom renovation. It even gets pricier if you need a contractor to lay the tiles. In order to make the tile set-up less costly; you can limit the amount of new tiles placed in the bathroom. You can have the main areas of the bathroom relined with new tiles like walls and floors that are dominantly seen when using the bathroom. Floors on the shower stalls can just be refurbished instead of replacing it.