For many people having a bay window is an idea for their dream home, but when they manage to realise that dream, they are often left undecided on what to do with it. You can get some excellent design ideas on the Fresh Home website on what is possible with a bay window. If you have a bay window in your home then it is important that you decide how you are going to use it and create an area that is going to be well used and is comfortable throughout the year. There are certain things you will need to decide when you first dress your bay window like whether you want curtains or blinds or both! Here are some other tips for decorating it. 

Interior Decorating With A Bay Window

Why Bay Windows Are An Excellent Addition

When you have a bay window in your home, there are some excellent benefits. When you have a window of this type in your home, it adds extra space and can open up a room creating the illusion that it is larger. A well-designed window can add an area to relax, especially if you are lucky enough to enjoy scenic views. With a house of this type of design, you often find that bay windows can even add value to a home.

Keeping It Warm

One problem that bay windows have caused in modern times is heating problems. Traditionally, radiators were always straight so it was not possible to place a radiator beneath a bay window unless you boxed the window off. Modern designs though allow for curved radiators which can be placed directly beneath bay windows without having to close off space. Adding high-quality curved radiators to windows of this type is an excellent way to not only keep your room warm but to also create a space which you will be able to use throughout the year.

A Well-Dressed Window

You can also box off a bay window and create a seating area for you and your family to relax. One drawback to doing this is that, during the colder months, you may find that sitting by this type of window without a radiator may be too cold. If your window is overlooked, you can add net curtains to restrict the view into your home. The addition of a mattress or cushion that is custom made for your window can add an area that you can relax in, at least during the warmer months. Adding some coloured cushions to complement the décor scheme of your room is an excellent way to create not only a focal point, but also somewhere to relax.

The Best Of Both Worlds

You can also incorporate both a seating area and also a radiator into the area if you have a clever designer. You can add a shelf a couple of inches below the level of the window, and place a cushion on top. Below the shelf you can have a smaller curved radiator to the profile of the wall which will provide you with the heat you need during the colder months.

Incorporating any of these ideas into your home will give you a cozy place that you can relax throughout the year.