Family Reunion


Family reunion gatherings and destination vacations are more popular than ever. One recent survey has shown that two out of three people have attended a family reunion at some point, and one in three have done so in the two years past.

To most families attending reunions, it isn’t the attraction of the destination or the activities that they get to participate in, that are the draw; rather, it turns out to be the experiences to be had together.  If you are planning a family reunion vacation, there are a lot of people who have done it before you, and it makes sense to look for a few pointers on how to make a plan that interests everyone, and disappoints no one.

Involve many in the planning

Planning an entire reunion on your own can end up in choices being made that others have a hard time with. You don’t want a plan that everyone isn’t completely on board with. From the dates to the choice of destination and the activities involved, you want to make sure that everyone is happy with every part of the arrangement.

Make sure that you involve everyone in the activities

Family reunions are about getting back in touch, and it’s important to remember that a chance to contribute helps people come closer. From fund contributions for early expenses to tapping skills that everyone has in different areas from planning to accounting, activity organizing and childcare, everyone needs to have responsibilities that they feel good about.

Keep things affordable

It can be hard to determine how enthusiastic each participating family member is about loosening the purse strings. Before you even suggest activities or places to go to, it can help to think about the comfort level of each family member with the kind of expense that you have in mind.

In general, it tends to be good idea to choose affordable activities that focus on fun together. From picnics to attending sporting events, there are plenty of ways to have a good time on a tiny budget. It’s important, however, to make arrangements well ahead of the event. Whether you need to book Rams tickets or airplane tickets, acting in time can save a great deal of money.

Know what you want out of your reunion

It’s easy to go on a family reunion, and come away not having learned anything at all about one another. There are plenty of icebreaker ideas for family reunions available over the Internet, however, and you need to take advantage of these resources. From games such as the family information scavenger hunts to Truth-or- Dare games, activities to help everyone get reacquainted can be one of the best parts of any reunion.

It’s vital to remember the basic idea of a family reunion — feeling good about your family. As long as your plan takes individual preferences into account, you can be confident of an event that keeps everyone happy.

Hannah Wheeler works in the travel industry and has experience in travel planning for small and large groups, tailored to suit their likes and dislikes. She enjoys writing articles in her spare time, and usually focuses on travel topics.