Parenting Time Hacks

If you were to ask parents of any experience level to list the things they do not have enough of, the list would probably look something like: personal space, quiet – and right at the very top – would be time. Between changing diapers, lugging kids around to their various predetermined commitments or just trying to find an hour to get some laundry done – there never seems to be enough time in the day to do it all. Which is exactly why we’ve come up with this list of parenting hacks designed to shave some precious time from your busy day of errands so you can give back to yourself.

1. Bathrobe Trick

If you have a young baby or toddler, they often will not only make a mess of themselves, but you, too! If it happens often enough, it helps to wear a bathrobe after getting fully dressed, so any kid-related morning mishaps that may occur – spit-up on your chest or shoulders, food down your dress shirt or blouse, etc. – will fall onto the bathrobe, saving you from having to run upstairs and change all over again.

2. Comprehensive Checklist

Remembering everything you need to do in a day can be a full task in itself, let alone trying to remember what all of the kids need to have with them. It’s a handy idea to tape a complete checklist of consistent items and essential baby gear that you and the kids will need throughout the school/work week. Put the list somewhere you’re sure to see each day before you head out. These lists can be broken up by child/parent and vary for every day of the week, dependent on however many weekly commitments they have.

3. Ziploc Baby’s Outfits for the Week

This one might seem a little strange, but it will seriously help you out in the long-run, especially if you feel like you’re constantly going through outfits for your baby. Preparing weekly onesies, undies, diapers, shirt and pant choices into a Ziploc bag makes for an easy-to- grab, easy-to- find option that can be kept in your purse or bag. Babies and toddlers can be little hurricanes that will go through more clothes than you can anticipate. Preparing a couple of these for the week will help make doing those daily errands a little bit easier when baby inevitably makes a mess.

4. Cleaning Hacks

Keeping a couple cleaning hacks handy in your brain will help avert crises at friends and family’s houses. Here are a couple unconventional methods for cleaning common kid mishaps:

– Toothpaste helps remove permanent marker from wood furniture.

– Peanut butter is great at removing gum from hair, while avoiding scissors.

– WD-40 can remove crayon from nearly every surface.

These can help save you from some potentially awkward situations when your kid makes a mess outside of your home.

While these tips might not offer you the same respite as a spa weekend getaway from the kids – they will help streamline your day, and assist in the overall organization of your life.