This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

We have been so busy lately, especially with the weather getting warmer.  It always seems like we are running off one place or another.  There isn’t a lot of time for watching TV – but when there is, it is a time I can truly relax.

We have been a big fan of Roku over the years, as we don’t watch a lot of cable TV.  The kids love watching shows and their favorite series on Netflix, and we also have our favorites.

The new Roku Streaming Stick is pretty cool. Not only do we use this at home, but it is perfect for taking on the road!  In a couple weeks we head to Cape Cod for a family trip, and we will be taking the Roku Streaming Stick with us.  This way we know we have access to movies and TV even while we are traveling.  Although we don’t watch a ton of TV when we travel, I often have to force myself to slow down and indulge in some TV or watching a movie together as a family.

Roku Streaming Stick

The new Roku Streaming Stick delivers powerful streaming – it’s the only pocket-sized streamer available with a quad-core processor.

With 8x the processing power of our 2014 Streaming Stick, the new Roku Streaming Stick gets you to your favorite shows fast, with smooth and responsive navigation and channels that launch quickly. The new Roku Streaming Stick even has more processing power than Amazon Fire TV stick and Chromecast.

We were excited to get started, and setup was really easy – as in, there was no consulting with the instructions.  We literally plugged it in and in a few short steps, we were watching Netflix.  All in all under about ten minutes, and the box even includes batteries for the remote.  So when you are racing to get a movie underway after the kids go to bed, this is such a nice treat that everything is hassle- free!

Roku Streaming Stick

We noticed right away how the Roku Streaming Stick has lots of great features.  For one, it is definitely fast!  We definitely could tell a difference from the Roku we have had for years (which still does just fine too!).

This has been such a crazy time of year that I make time to relax, because it is easy to get burnt out from too much work and too many commitments.  We love having movie nights on Friday nights and during the summertime, so we have a list of movies and shows to watch.  There is a lot to choose from, and although we subscribe to a variety of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it is pretty awesome how many channels there are out there.  Recently I have been checking out YouTube videos on TV, which is a nice change from everyone crowding around an iPhone!

Get the entertainment you love and the choice you deserve with easy access to Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, and more than 3,000 channels delivering 300,000+ movies and TV episodes.

There are plenty of other nice features on the Roku Streaming Stick.  Even little details – like the “ok” button is now in the middle of the remote.  And the kids have no problem using the Roku at all.

Roku Streaming Stick

We have been thoroughly enjoying the Roku Streaming Stick, and considering it fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket (at .6 oz!), it is truly portable.


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Roku Streaming Stick


This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.