Our family loves to explore – we love taking trips, learning about new things, and adventures as a family.  Dinosaurland in Utah is exactly the kind of place we enjoy visiting.  Spanning over 200,000 acres, this part of Utah and Colorado are packed with family-friendly activities and destinations.


Getting there is just half the fun – Vernal, Utah and Dinosaur National Monument are between Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain and Arches National Parks.  Beside everything there is to see in Dinosaurland, it is hard to pass up on such great National Parks.  I know my kids complain a lot about time spent in the car, but this would be such an amazing road trip, with more than enough to see and do.  It would be tough to have to decide on an itinerary with so much to choose from!

Being that this area is rich with findings of dinosaur bones and fossils, a great place to check out is the Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall and Visitor Center. Here, you can even touch real dinosaur bones – what better way to learn about the natural history of the area than with such great visual and hands on exhibits!


I know my kids would love to experience dinosaur history up close, and would certainly retain a lot of what they learned by visiting and having the chance to touch fossils and bones!


There are also other nearby museums to choose from for a variety of fun and learning experiences, like the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum or the Western Heritage Museum.  With so much history in the area, you can make a themed itinerary, like visiting the sites of Outlaw Country (Crouse Canyon, Brown’s Park, Jarvie’s Ranch and Jessie Ewing Canyon).

Dinosaurland spans many miles and has an incredible amount of things to offer besides dinosaur fossils and museums.  There is plenty to keep the family busy, like camping, hiking, biking, boating, swimming, rafting, and other exploring.  The landscape varies, with lots of wildlife and scenic views, making for a unique experience.  In the colder months, you can also enjoy things like snowmobiling or snowshoeing.  Or try something new, like river rafting!

The scenery here is beautiful, and I can’t begin to imagine what a cool experience it would be to do some camping other other outdoor activities in the area.  There are numerous campgrounds to choose from, and how fun to plan a camping trip in the dinosaur’s old stomping grounds!


Another cool thing about Uintah County, Utah, is that it is well known for it’s petroglyphs and pictographs.  These paintings and etchings left between 1-1200 A.D. are well-preserved are a great way to experience history up close.


And if the outdoors aren’t necessarily your thing, there are plenty of hotels and other lodging available throughout the area.  Or maybe you want to do a little bit of both, between enjoying the great outdoors and relaxing along the way too.  We love a good road trip and whether or not we plan on staying in hotels or dining out, it is wonderful to have that option.

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