Whether you’re contemplating selling your home this year, or just want it to look as good as possible, there are many benefits to spending time thinking about the curb appeal of your house, in addition to what the inside looks like.  After all, the outside of your property is the first thing guests and prospective buyers see when they arrive.

From adding some new plants and clearing out garden clutter; to replacing old doors, railings and hardware, and installing outdoor lighting, you won’t find it hard to brighten up your home’s outer appearance on a budget. If you’re keen to add some curb appeal to your home today, read on for some affordable yet simple tips you can apply over the coming weeks.

A Healthy Lawn & Landscaping

While it pays to utilize professional lawn pest control and maintenance services to get your lawn in tip top shape, you don’t have to be the ultimate green thumb to have the rest of your garden and the outdoor areas looking their best. There are plenty of simple yet effective things you can do over a day, a weekend, or a little more slowly to get your landscaping in order.

A healthy lawn means regular fertilizing, weeding, or applying pesticides to keep weeds away. Create landscaped areas, using things like mulch or fencing. Borders, from mulch beds to a nice azek fence will make your home look organized and uncluttered.

Add New Plants and Clear Out Garden Clutter

A great way to make the outside of your home look better in a hurry is to clear out any clutter and add new foundation plants to liven up bare spaces. Often blocks have old gardens that haven’t been taken care of particularly well over the years, or which badly need a trim and a clear out. Examine your current landscaping to see what needs to be pared back, if there are any plants, trees, shrubs, or flowers which have died and need to be replaced, or if current growth is getting in the way of the functionality of the yard.

Once you have done this, or if you have a bare yard already, the next step is to inject some color and style through the use of new plants. Trees, for instance, can add curb appeal very quickly, but you do need to make sure that you choose those which won’t get too big for the space as the years go by.

You might like to consider adding rows of the same plants to give uniformity to the landscape design; or boost the visual appeal of your home by adding flower boxes to the windows or porch railings of the house. In addition, plain entrances to the home can be dressed up with potted plants grouped together along stairs and near the front door.

Replace and/or Paint Old Doors, Railings and Hardware

Another way to really liven up your home’s exterior is through painting and/or replacing the doors, railings, hardware and other elements that people see when they first pull up to your house or enter your front yard. Your front door, in particular, is one of the most important elements, and can be painted in a bright hue to freshen it up and add some color, or completely replaced with a more modern design if that is your preference.

It also pays to paint the trim around the door and any shutters on your house in the same or complimentary shades. This isn’t a huge job but can make a massive difference to the curb appeal of your abode. Similarly, replacing old mailboxes and house numbers with new products can also instantly make your home appear more cared for, modern, neat, and tidy. Look for items created in the style that suit the architecture and colors of your home, as this will really tie the look together.

If you have the time and budget available, it is also beneficial to install new fencing or update old ones around your house. Fencing really frames a home, in addition to acting as a safety element that keeps children and pets within the boundary and away from roads.

Install Outdoor Lighting

If you don’t already have outdoor lighting situated around your home, or if what you have is very outdated, it’s time to go shopping for some new options. Like the hardware items mentioned above, it’s best to select lighting fixtures that suit the style and shades of your home. If you already have lights in place but want to update them, look for new products which have the same mounting system so that you don’t have to worry about engaging the services of an electrician to do the installation.