When a family goes skiing, some of them will be pros and others will be “never evers.” Here’s how to accommodate every skill level and still have fun.

Here’s What You Should Bring With You

You’re going to want layers and special clothing at a ski resort. It’s amazingly cold on the slopes and it only gets worse at the top of the mountain. Skin-tight thermal underwear made of wool is ideal. A second-best option is synthetics, such as UnderArmor brand undershirts.

Either way, you’re looking for material that wicks away moisture and will keep you and your family warm without overheating. And, you want to stay dry too, as layers of clothing can make you sweat. This is not good when the wind is blowing and will actually make you colder and more susceptible to hypothermia.

Bring a face mask or ski mask, ski goggles, walkie talkies to communicate, ski pants that are waterproof, gloves and mittens that are insulated, turtlenecks, waterproof socks and ankle socks, knee socks, a neck warmer, and hand warmers.

What You Should Rent At The Resort

There are a few things you should rent at the resort. First off, get yourself into one of the local Mont Tremblant hotels if you’re skiing here. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day, and provides a reprieve from the cold mid-day if you need it.

If this is your first time skiing, rent skis, boots, poles, and helmets. If you’re looking for snowboarding gear, then you can buy the best ski and snowboard holder to keep them safe in a neutral position. Unless you already know you’re interested in it, or that you’ll be doing a lot of skiing and snowboarding, don’t bother buying this stuff as it’s expensive. For hardcore skiers, renting is often frowned upon because personal equipment tends to be better taken care of and of a higher quality than rental gear. But for beginners, it’s fine.

What To Do Before You Get On The Ski Lift

Get yourself a locker room to store your stuff before you head out to the slopes. You can store your gear in the locker overnight if you absolutely have to, which makes it nice because you don’t have to transport anything.

Find the lift ticket booth to pick up your tickets. Next, pick up maps of the mountain so that no one gets lost out there. Pick a designated area where all of you will meet at a specific time. Finally, use your walkie talkies if you decide that you want to take a break during mid-day to do something else.

Should You Take Lessons?

Some people will understandably be hesitant to get out on the slopes without ski lessons. Most resorts offer either group or private lessons. Private lessons are good for those who need extra help or are unsure of themselves on skis and aren’t able to learn as well in a group setting.

Group lessons are great for those who take direction well, are fast learners, and need a bit of coaching to get them going. Kids’ lessons are special classes catered specifically for children. They often employ special instructors that are adept at teaching in a way that kids understand. You can’t really substitute adult instructors for child instructors.

Teen programs cater to, you guessed it, teens, who often have special needs and desires like freestyling and trick moves or just a special social atmosphere that’s hard to replicate in adult classes.

Elise French grew up at a family-owned ski resort. She draws on her knowledge of the industry from her hands-on experiences, having worked numerous jobs on site, to write ski related articles for a selection of family and travel blogs.