In the colder months, I feel like I am cold all the time.  My feet are always cold, but I really don’t like slippers.  In fact, I have a brand new pair up in my closet that I got at least 5 years ago.  But instead of wearing them, I walk around on my hard floors in socks, often wearing right through my socks.

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Glerups slippers

When I happened across Glerups, I thought this could be a slipper I would enjoy.  Glerups makes natural wool shoes, with a variety of styles for indoors as well as some that can go outdoors, similar to comfortable Homyped slippers.

We use 100% pure and natural wool for all of our slippers. The slippers have either a sole of calfskin or natural rubber. The wool is naturally processed and the product is closely followed all the way from sheep to your foot.  The characteristics of wool are unique. The unique composition and processing of the wool makes the slippers warm and comfortable, even if you wear them barefoot.

When I saw the slip-on shoe with the soft leather bottom, I knew I had to try a pair.  I chose grey slip-on with leather sole.

Glerups slippers

Glerups come in European sizes, and you can refer to the sizing chart on their website to find your size.  I am always a solid size 10, so I ordered the European equivalent size 41, and it fits perfectly (so I would say these are true to size).

Glerups slippers

My Glerups arrived quickly.. and little did I know how fast I would fall in love with them.  Like I said, I am NOT a slipper person, but the Glerups felt amazing from the start.  They slide right on and I love their wonderful barefoot type comfort.  Another great thing is the wool construction, which is cozy but not sweaty.  I have had too many slippers that have a synthetic fleece that leave my feet sweaty and gross.  These shoes are designed so that you can wear them barefoot, no problem!

Glerups slippers

The problem with many slippers is that they have a hard sole.  I don’t like feeling like I am wearing a shoe in my house.  We never wear our shoes inside and I just like the feel of being barefoot (with or without socks).  These shoes slide on, they are lightweight, and mold to my foot.  Have you ever heard someone clomping around in slippers?  The Glerups are so soft, and the calfskin means you aren’t sliding around.  The soles are nice and quiet on my hard floors, which is a great feature (especially if you have little ones that you don’t want to wake up).

I love my Glerups, and since I received them before Christmas and fell in love with them so quickly, I got tons of compliments on my slip-ons and ended up buying a family member a Glerups gift card for Christmas since I could deliver it immediately (and so that she could pick out her own color and style).  (You can find a gift card option on their website, which will even include shipping).

I live in the Northeast, where winters stretch on for too long, and I wear my Glerups every day.  I am a stay-at-home mom, and I am home a lot, and also on my feet a lot.  I wear my Glerups when I get up, up until I go to bed.  I love that my feet are comfortable in a barefoot-comfort kind of way.  The Glerups keep my feet warm and comfortable!

My slip-ons retail for $95, and I believe they are absolutely worth the price.  I love my Glerups and can’t rave about them enough, and I think they will last a long time!  There are so many great qualities.. like the barefoot feeling, they keep me warm but not sweaty, they are so comfy, no loud soles, great quality.. and so much more!

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