DIY Fabric Canvas Wall Art

For years we had large pictures hanging on our walls, but after we had our first baby, I wanted something over my couch that was safe for kids.  Inevitably, enough jumping on the floor or the occasional child standing on the couch could mean a heavy picture or mirror getting knocked into and possibly falling on someone.

Right before getting married, I visited Ecuador and picked up an assortment of interesting fabrics.  I didn’t end up using the fabric for their intended purposes (such as table runners), and so we found the idea for creating a wall canvas.

This project is incredibly easy, with only a handful of items required.


~ canvas – whatever size and quantity desired

~ fabric – enough to cover canvas

~ staple gun

~ hardware for hanging


Lay out your fabric, and lay your canvas on top to measure.  You want to cut the fabric large enough so that you can wrap it around the edges of the canvas.

You want the fabric to cover the sides, so wrap it around to the back carefully.  Pull the fabric tight, and adjust as needed especially if your fabric has some sort of pattern such as stripes.  I had to carefully adjust the fabric so that the stripes were even and parallel with the edges of the canvas.

Fold in your corners carefully and staple the fabric at intervals all around the back of the canvas.

DIY Fabric Canvas Wall Art

Measure your canvas to find the middle, and add your hanging hardware.

DIY Fabric Canvas Wall Art

Enjoy your wall art!

DIY Fabric Canvas Wall Art