I am incredibly thankful for my healthy children, a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, but I also have come to love several baby products! Here are some of my favorites:

10 Favorite Baby Products

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10. Swaddle Designs Swaddling Blankets

I adore Swaddle Designs Swaddling Blankets. Not only are they soft and available in the cutest prints, but they are so easy to use. They are large enough to easily get a secure swaddle, and instructions are printed right on the tag. They kept my son snuggly secure for weeks and make a great baby gift!

10 Favorite Baby Products

9. Naturepedic Crib Mattresses

Naturepedic crib mattresses are free from harmful chemicals, are organic and greenguard certified, and have a chemical free fire protection system. The US made 2-in-1 mattress has a water resistant side, as well as a quilted side for use in a toddler bed. Hypoallergenic & durable too!

8. Nursing Pillows are wonderful for anyone holding the baby! I have used My Brest Friend, Gia by Simplisse and Comfort & Harmony Mombo, as well as Boppy. A nursing pillow that fits you well will save you from sore arms, back and a cricked neck!

7. Haba Flapsi is one of my favorite toys. It is simple, non-toxic, yet so fun for little ones! No flashing lights, just interesting colors, shapes, and a gentle “clackety clack” sound!

6. Happy Baby Food finger foods like their organic puffs are baby and toddler snacks that are wholesome and free of icky ingredients. Although I prefer to feed my children mostly homemade food, I love having Happy Baby as an option. The yogurt melts are so yummy, the rest of the family has been known to gobble them up!

5. Lifefactory Beverage Bottles are glass with a silicone sleeve. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and free of BPA. Though my son was never big on any Baby Bottle, the beverage bottles are a must have for a nursing mom! I always have one by my side!

4. Arm’s Reach Cosleepers are a wonderful way to keep your baby close. I did not have one for my first two children, and I think it helped me get more sleep with my third baby than with my first two combined! The company is wonderful, and is dedicated to keeping your baby safe and educating parents on safe cosleeping.

3. Fisher Price Cradle Swings are something I discovered with my second child. Though I am not a huge “baby contraption” person, the cradle swing is amazing. They were a Godsend when I had a fussy baby, or just needed a close place to put a sleeping baby down to make lunch for my other kids.

2. Babywearing products are one of my must-have baby items, including the Boba Wrap, Boba Carrier, Ergo Baby Carrier & Sakura Bloom Ring Sling. I loved the ring sling when my son was small. It was so easy to use after a little practice, and made wearing him anywhere a breeze! The Boba Wrap was called the “sleepy wrap” when I bought mine 3 1/2 years ago, and boy was it aptly named! The stretchy wrap was like a tranquilizer for my boys! As they got older, I loved the soft structured carriers like Ergo & Boba, so I could handle all 3 kids anywhere, including braving the grocery store!

1. Cloth Diapers! Are you surprised that #1 is cloth diapers? They are adorable, save money, are super easy to use, and have ended the dreaded blowout of disposable diapers. I have lots of favorites, but a few are: Hemp prefolds & inserts, Bumgenius pocket diapers, Thirsties Duo Wraps & Duo Diapers, Applecheeks, Swaddlebees Capri & (my newest love) RageBabe Easy AIOs. My favorite diapers fit my boys well, were very absorbent and didn’t leak

What baby products are you most thankful for?


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