Nothing gives your guests a picture of your hospitality better than your table set up. It communicates to them that you care and take your time to get prepared before receiving them. The best way to make this statement is by using linen tablecloths.

Besides being fancy, linen material is easy to clean when stained. Putting one across your table, you can be sure that food particles and beverages are bound to spill over onto them. Linen adds glamour to the furniture and sets the mood for an appetizing meal and enjoyable moments with your guests.

There are different types of table setups that you can go for each time you are receiving guests. This gives you a chance to experiment with your creativity and give the visitors a new experience each time. Before checking out these setups, let’s go through the simple procedure you can follow to cover your table using linen tablecloths.

Steps to Follow When Setting the Table for Your Guests

Before you begin this process, note the type of guests you are expecting. Are they formal visitors, relatives, your friends, or colleagues? This will guide you on whether to use the formal-events table set up, casual, or a blend of both. On any occasion, linen tablecloths are the most ideal choice.

Here is the general procedure:

  1. Make sure the table surface is clean and empty.
  2. Spread your linen tablecloth. Choose the color that blends with the theme of the occasion if there’s one.
  3. Straighten the linen to a perfect fit across the table.
  4. If you have chargers, place them on the table.
  5. Place one plate on top of each charger.
  6. Take the centerpiece and place it in the middle of the setup.
  7. Fold the napkins to your desired shape or pattern and place one on the left side of each plate.
  8. Arrange the forks on top of the napkins. The smaller fork, used for salad should be placed at the far end while the other one (used for the main course) is placed closer to the plate.
  9. Place the dessert spoon at the upper side of the plate, to your front. The dessert fork is placed below it, nearer to the plate. The tip of the spoon should face point to the right while that of the fork points to the left.
  10. On your right side, place two knives (big and little) and two spoons (big and small) in that order from the plate.
  11. Set a smaller plate for bread on the left side, above the napkin. The butter spreader should be placed diagonally across it.
  12. To your right above the knives and spoons, place the water or wine glasses. Goblets are also arranged on that side.

Factors to Consider Before Setting up the Table

  • Number of Guests – The number of expected guests is the biggest determiner of how your table will be set. It helps you to figure out how many spots to arrange on the table. Many guests may require bigger or more tables for comfort.
  • Number of Meal Courses to be Served – This points you to the type of utensils and cutlery to place on your table. Every course is consumed on different pieces of kitchenware.
  • The Material of Your Tablecloth – Linen is your best bet on this. You can never go wrong with tablecloths made of linen material. It is available in different colors. It speaks class and portrays elegance. What more do you need to make your guests happy and impressed?