When you’re in the market for a new family home, you can’t just buy the first property you tour.  Even if the first home you explore ends up being the right home, you should always present yourself with options.  

Make your search for a new forever home an adventure, but don’t forget what is really important along the way.  Take a moment to read through a few tips that will make choosing the perfect home for your family an easier road to travel.  

Understand the daily habits of your family

Take the time to have a “sit down” with the family, and take notes on the daily habits of your household.  Your home is where the family will grow, laugh, cry, and learn about life.  It’s crucial that you find a place that is more than just a house.  

If your family has a dog, your perfect home would probably have a big, fenced-in yard.  If you have an active family, you could consider living in an active family community to present unique opportunities for your household to remain fit and healthy.  

Make sure you know what you can afford

You never want to enter into a long term financial contract without first spending time crunching the numbers from various angles.  You need to know exactly what you can afford before you ever start touring or browsing through available properties.  

Remember that your mortgage isn’t the only running cost of home ownership.  Don’t set yourself up to be house-poor by overextending your income on the calculation of your monthly mortgage payment.  

Explore several options along the way

Even if the first home you and your family tour seems like the most suitable spot to be, it’s strongly advised that you take the time to look at more than a handful of options before making a choice.  

You may not know that you need something until you see it, and touring several properties gives everyone in the family a chance to weigh their options.  

Check out the education opportunities 

If you have children in your family, they will need a safe and solid place to get a good education as they grow.  You can’t choose the perfect home without first finding out about the quality of the surrounding schools.  

Invest in the whole package, and find a home in a school district that will set your children up for long term success.  

Never forget to include an inspection

No matter which home you and your family settle on in the end, never forget to include an inspection in your purchase contract.  An inspection can save you a lot of time and money over time.  Take the time for inspection, so you don’t unknowingly invest in a money pit of a property.