Whether you’re trying to breathe life into a fresh business idea, or if you’re hoping to secure some upgrades for an existing venture, you’re going to have to look for a source of funding. More often than not, small business owners might not have the cash on hand to pay for business-related expenses. Fortunately, there are lots of different funding options these days.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on some credit to start or support your business, then here are some ways you might want to consider.

Traditional Loans

A traditional loan from a bank or private lender is often the first thing that comes to mind when looking for ways to finance a business. These loans can offer you a large sum of cash that you can use to start a new venture or to improve and expand an existing one.

If you’ve already got a thriving business, then it might be easier to get approved for a business loan. But if you’re still in the inception phase of your venture, then providing a lender your business plan, model, and forecast can help them feel more confident in approving your request.

Cash Advances

A cash advance is an amount that you take out against your credit line. Because they’re taken out through an ATM machine, they don’t need the lengthy application process or a lender’s approval. Of course, as with any other expense charged on your credit card, a cash advance will have to be paid back at a future date.

Ideal for starting smaller businesses or for paying for minor venture improvements and expansions, the cash advance is quick, simple, and highly accessible. For those reasons, they also make a great fall back in case you find yourself in a financial hiccup.

Cash Loans

Maybe you just need a small amount to buy a new piece of minor equipment, or maybe your business idea is small enough that you only need a couple of hundred dollars. Whatever the case, a cash loan can be a quick way to get the money you need.

These loans are typically smaller and have relatively short repayment periods. But if you plan your repayment before you take out the amount, then they can be a smart way to get instant money and to stay out of long-term debt.


One of the types of crowdfunding is peer to peer lending.  There are what you might call market pains that are unique to specific communities. Maybe there isn’t a decent hair salon in the area, or maybe the veteran baker just moved three towns away leaving your community without a seasoned expert to bake artisan birthday cakes. Whatever the case, there’s a gap in the market, and everyone can feel the need.

If you can get enough people to hop on your bandwagon, you might just be able to pool enough funds together to start the business. Crowdfunding is a hip new way to generate funds from donations that are given by people who see promise and purpose in your business idea. There are tons of crowdfunding platforms on the web, and each one offers unique perks and conditions. Set up a page for your business idea and spread it around social media to reach a relevant audience that’s willing to pitch in and help you obtain the funds you need.

Even if you might not have the money on hand to fund your venture, there are lots of alternatives available. From different kinds of loans to the crowdsourcing, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect way to finance your business in a way that suits your needs. So go out and discover your options to help your business grow in the thriving SME scene.