Hi!  I’m Marysa!

I am a mom of two very active little girls, ages 7 and 10.  Our family loves getting outdoors and traveling, including hiking, camping,  kayaking, and enjoying nature.  I love sharing our adventures, and giving tips when I can.


I have a Master’s in Resource Management/Environmental Education and a passion for all things natural and green.  I enjoy working out and healthy eating as well as health supplements.  We are a vegetarian family and I love sharing easy vegetarian recipes.

In my free time (what’s that?), I enjoy reading, gardening, and sewing.  And, of course, blogging!  I’ve worked with companies, from Twinings Tea to Crazy 8, 5 Wits, and many more.

Twinings Bold Earl Grey London Fog5-Wits Deep Space Adventure

Crazy 8





I’m also a #SwimMom.  My kids love the water, so we spend a lot of time at the pool at swim practices and at swim meets.  When we aren’t at the pool, we try to do some leisure swimming at a water park or snorkeling and checking out aquatic life.