Awards are a prevalent investment for companies wishing to show their appreciation to employees. Industry leaders are also looking to commend small, medium, and large businesses for their efforts. From boosting staff morale to helping your company stand out from the competition, these benefits come with very few downsides.

Although these awards are available in various materials, there is one that stands the test of time – glass. 

In this guide, we delve into why you should choose engraved glass awards over other materials. We discuss the designs available, and their versatility. Read on to discover more. 

1. Their Aesthetic Yet Delicate Design

Engraved glass trophies, unlike acrylic awards, boast an attractive yet delicate design. In addition to looking at the part, they feel high quality due to their weight. They can be engraved, and they’re available in 3D designs. They also look highly sophisticated when presented to award winners on stage as the lighting at these events shines through the glass, creating a glamorous appeal. For an award giver, this is highly important as when presenting a trophy or an award, you want it to give the best impression possible.

2. They’re Easy To Engrave and Stand the Test of Time

If you’re keen to invest in an award you can personalize, glass materials are an ideal option. They can be engraved with everything from names to dates to the title of the award in question or a personal message. 

Glass awards can be crafted into distinctive shapes and sizes, meaning there is often more surface area to add words to. This is down to its flexibility when in a molten stage, which means glass can be transformed into almost any shape imaginable. If you wish to include a message that is not limited to word count, glass is an ideal option.

In addition, glass trophies stand the test of time. Compared to other materials, they are much less susceptible to unsightly scratches. If this award is passed to a different department yearly, scratch-proof material is a must! On top of this, glass awards, due to their elegant and unique style, appear timeless and classy. This makes them the preferred choice for employee of the month awards, corporate glass awards, and other forms of professional recognition.

3. You Can Create a Bespoke Award

Both glass and crystal awards are manufactured using a process called thermal-heat production. This method can shape and mold the award into almost any design you desire. This could be the shape of your logo, a solid structure, or something unique. This could be anything from a no-frills corporate glass award in the shape of a rectangle plaque to an avante garde glass art sculpture, perfect for more creative industries such as ad design agencies, museums, and art galleries. The result? Shapes and customizations that will match your vision, style, and brand. 

Customization is a crucial consideration for companies who present awards regularly. As well as ensuring the trophy looks high quality, they will want people to instantly recognize that the award is associated with them. 

There are three methods available to engraving your glass awards and gifts. These include mechanical engraving, laser engraving, and sand carving. All of these methods boast their unique benefits, with each offering a slightly different look. For best results, choose the one that compliments your company branding. 

4. More Bang For Your Buck

Glass awards boast a dignified appeal. Yet despite this, they’re pocket-friendly. If on a limited budget yet want to invest in an award that oozes sophistication, engraved glass trophies are your go-to. Aside from their weight, they boast a timeless and classy appeal. Many adhere to the rule, ‘when in doubt, go with glass.’ 

Whether a smaller company, running a non-profit competition, or awarding several industries, knowing you can still achieve quality on a budget is an asset to many businesses. At the end of the day, no one wants to display an award that doesn’t look good! 

5. Glass is a Versatile Option 

Irrespective of whether the award is to a business or an individual, glass trophies not only promise to stand the test of time, particularly when cared for correctly, but they look impressive when displayed in a cabinet, on a desk, or a mantle in your office or home.

Unlike other materials, glass boasts a higher working temperature. Once designed, glass trophies can be completed relatively quickly. Whether you require an award for a last-minute event or another award to replace one that has become damaged, opting for glass trophies offers you peace of mind. You’ll still be able to invest in an impressive design, only on a much quicker time scale. 

The Bottom Line

Whether commending individuals or businesses, glass trophies are a great way to show appreciation for hard work, specific achievements, or company milestones. Employees value recognition, often seeking positive evaluation and acknowledgment of a successful job. Being granted awards boosts their motivation levels. This makes them want to achieve even more going forward.

Aside from looking at the parts, they can easily be engraved and often hold a much greater work count than other materials on the market. Another benefit? They’re pocket-friendly yet still boast a sophisticated aesthetic.